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This is the Mega Man fan game has to do with Pokemon! We have Eevee as the playable character, to fight against the 8 Eeveelutions. (Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon)

Mega Eevee Title

Screenshot of the title.

Mega Eevee
Developer(s) Game Freak


Publisher(s) Nintendo


Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U (eShop)

Nintendo 3DS (eShop)

Genre(s) Platformer


Baron Phobos studies and creates Eeveelutions and destroying the Pokemon City. What will Eevee find out to stop Phobos from stealing the evolution stones to create the Eeveelutions!

Eeveelution Masters


Stage: It should feature the ocean/underwater stage with lots of fishies and spikes!

Boss: Vaporeon will swim around like Bubble Man, shooting out bubbles.

Earned: Bubble Beam

Weakness: Leaf Shield / Thunderbolt


Stage: It features inside the factory, it has parts simular to Metal Man's Stage. And also has parts of the electrical lasers!

Boss: Jolteon has fastest speed like Quick Man, he also jump around and shoot out lasers and summon the thunderstorm.

Earned: Thunderbolt

Weakness: Icicle Spear


Stage: Your in the stage full of fire. Be careful not to fall into the lava!

Boss: Flareon has the same attack as Fire Man, but different! He will shoot out fire walls and jump around twice.

Earned: Fire Wall

Weakness: Bubble Beam


Stage: This stage is in gravity zone! You will jump high up in the air during the stage. Careful not to touch the spikes from the ceiling!

Boss: It is the somewhat difficult boss! Espeon uses the mind, shooting out physical attacks, float around! I think it's not that bad!

Earned: Psy Wave

Weakness: Dark Pulse


Stage: This stage took place in the haunted mansion! It has parts if it's pitch black! It featured new ghost enemies acts like the annoying enemies from in Mega Man 5 that move around and follow the character!

Boss: Easy boss! Umbreon will teleport and shoots out dark pulses! And also easy dodging!

Earned: Dark Pulse

Weakness: Fairy Card


Stage: It took place in the forest!

Boss: Leafeon's attack is the same as Wood Man!

Earned: Leaf Shield

Weakness: Psy Wave / Fire Wall / Icicle Spear


Stage: You're in the ice level and also in the ice cave!

Boss: Another easy boss! Glaceon shoots out 5 spears and then jumps around 3 times!

Earned: Icicle Spear

Weakness: Fire Wall


Stage: Wow! You're in the sky level, with pink sky! You think it resembles a fairy! It has parts of it of Air Man's stage and Gyro Man's stage!

Boss: An yet another easy boss! Sylveon shoots out 3 cards and then point towardsly! And jumps around 3 times!

Earned: Fairy Card

Weakness: Thunderbolt

Other Bosses

Baron Phobos

Remember him from Pokemon Trozei! He is now a villain in the game simular to Dr. Wily! He rides on the machines as the final boss of the game!

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