What is a Drawoid?

An drawoid is a picture, but you use it as an door sticker, backpack keychain, etc.

But how do you buy them? By selling your Totem Tokens to buy one. Here are the types of Totem Tokens available.:

  • Stone: 1 point
  • Brick: 2 points
  • Plastic: 3 points
  • Tin: 4 points
  • Copper: 5 points
  • Bronze: 10 points
  • Silver: 20 points
  • Gold: 30 points
  • Diamond: 40 points
  • Emerald: 50 points
  • Platinum: 100 points

But how do you earn them? By doing art commissions with me, putting your artwork on my art communities, working on my pages when you collaborate with me, and more.

Drawoids (Wave 1)

MT1234's Buy a Drawoid Center Wave 1

Here are the selection of drawoids available to buy.

  1. Diskun-Worths 15 points
  2. Bronto Burt-Worths 5 points
  3. Lakitu-Worths 8 points
  4. Blinky the Red Ghost-Worths 6 points
  5. Gastly-Worths 20 points
  6. Red Pikmin-Worths 35 points
  7. Bob-omb-Worths 2 points
  8. Buzzy Beetle-Worths 6 points
  9. Voltorb-Worths 30 points
  10. Rabbid-Worths 50 points

How to Buy an Drawoid

  1. If you had enough Totem Tokens for something, then go to MegaToon1234's Buy a Drawoid Center and there you are.
  2. Depending on your Totem Token total, buy something if you can do something or so.
  3. If you buy some drawoids, then I'll show you separate pictures of your bought drawoids so that way you can print them out and that's about it.

Request a Drawoid

You can request what Drawoids I can do, so put in your name and what character I can do as an drawoid, like someone or something real or fictional or so.

  • Put your name and what character I can do as an drawoid in here.

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