Memirroredkirbymariomega's Fan Game Mepose
This is a Mega Studios fan game, being made by kirbymariomega.
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  • I won't often allow people to work with me, but sometimes I will ask on my talk page for help and volunteers.
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MegaMon Red version and MegaMon Blue version are part of the Game+Pokémon, or, Nintendomon collaboration series by the community of Fantendo.

It is a fusion between the Mega Man series and the Pokémon franchise and takes aspects from both.





RockDex Image Name Type Entry
001 MM001 Metall Normal
002 MM002 Heli-Metall Normal/Flying
003 MM003 Swim Metall Normal/Water
004 MM004 Fire Metall Normal/Fire
005 MM005 Picket Man Normal
006 MM006 Blader Flying
007 MM007 Bunby Tank Flying/Fighting
008 MM008 Suzy Normal
009 MM009 Hunter Normal
010 MM010 Giant Suzy Normal
011 MM011 Mambu Bug/Flying
012 MM012 Watcher Bug/Electric
013 MM013 Pukapelly Bug/Electric



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