Meep is a character made by Zeg. You can use this character with permmision.

Meep (Character)
He is a Toad
Current Age 13 years
Date of Birth April 10 2019
Gender Male
Species Toad
Location Mushroom Kingdom
Class Warrior
Main Weapon(s) Mushroom Cannon
First Appearance Mushroom Kingdom Fighter
Latest Appearance TBA

Mushroom Kingdom Fighter

He is the main character of the game, this is also his first game he stars in.

Super Smash Bros: Final Attack

He is a DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros: Final Attack.


A - Mushroom Cannon

B - Flame of DOOM!

A+Up - Fire Toad

A+Down -  Ice Toad

B+Up - Giant Toad

B+Down - Little Toad

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