Medieval Dawn
Developer(s) Beanstalk Inc
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) N-Stream
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
12Rating, T
Genre(s) Hack'n'Slash, MMO
Media Included Stream Online

Medieval Dawn is a Hack'n'Slash MMORPG created by Beanstalk Inc. for the N-Stream. The game involves the player rebelling against the undead, who have constantly sought life again and destroyed towns and killed many seeking for the answer.


It is the year 1306, towns were passive at the time, focusing more on trading and economics rather than training soldiers for their armies. On one fateful night, an Undead Warlock, Ragell, managed to penetrate the grounds of the earth and managed to escape. Seeking life, him and millions of the undead dug themselves out of the ground and invaded, towns were burnt and wrecked because of the raids. The town enlists the player to fight back the undead warriors.


You can control your character using the N-Stream Touch Controller. When you are nearby an enemy, you can lock onto it with the Connection Button and it will focus your fire on that particular enemy. When the enemy is locked on, its Health and level will be shown on the HUD. When you defeat an enemy, you will be given EXP. (Used to level up) There is also a Minimap, Health/Energy display and your skills which can be executed by clicking on them/number shortcut. Each skill costs energy which can be regenerated over time. If the player levels up, their stats will be randomly enhanced and you will unlock 3 Skill Points. Skill Points can be spent on abilities for each area of skill. The maximum level will be level 55, after which you become an elite and all EXP will be used at a special elite-only store.

  • Knight Skill Tree - The skill tree of the Knight involves physical, melee damage being dealt and some defensive skills to keep the Knight alive in combat.
  • Archer Skill Tree - Archers are great at dealing long range damage with their bows. They aren't the best at absorbing damage but they can shoot the enemy while your ally can stall it.
  • Mage Skill Tree- Mages excel in controlling the Elements and harnessing it to its full potential. Mages can be useful for elemental combat or healing spells, thus making them an important asset in a group of allies.

The skill points can be spent on a number of areas. There are a maximum of 165 skill points in the game, and the stats for skills are different for different skill trees.


Image Name Description Statistics Attacks
N/A Skeletal Swordsman Weak Swordsmen who died on their first few battles. They have low combat experience and can be defeated easily.

Health: 40 Energy: 10 Attack: 4 Defense: 6

  • Basic Slash (0 Energy)
  • Lunge (7 Energy)
N/A Vampire Evil humans risen from the dead and converted into vampires by Ragell. They are relatively weak but have deadly poison. Health: 55 Energy: 15 Attack: 7 Defense: 2
  • Basic Slash (0 Energy)
  • Bite (5 energy)


Name Description Enemies Town Level
Alton A basic town which serves as a tutorial for novice players. Enemies here are mostly weak and the same goes for the weaponry.
  • Skeletal Swordsman
  • Skeletal Spearmen
  • Skeletal Swordsman Brutus (Boss)

Level 1-3

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