Mechanium is a substance created by Dr. Light a month before his death; realizing he was soon going to die, he wanted to keep the memories of him and all his robots going forever. He developed this substance which could be absorbed by someone to change them into the likeness of somebody else. He created one for every one of his Robot Masters, including Mega Man and Roll. He did this by copying their data into it. He requested that when he died, his intelligence would be copied into one. When he eventually did, many others discovered this Mechanium and requested the blueprints. Dr. Wily stole them, and sold it illegally. Soon, almost every robot ever made had a Mechanium made for them.

Mega Man Turbo

In the Mega Man Turbo series, Mechanium mysteriously begins to appear (the series takes place years before Dr. Light was even born). Apparently, the technology Dr. Wily had used to bring Quint from the future had been used to send the Mechanium into the past. It is also discovered that Mechanium itself is actually "living"; as such, Dr. Light's Mechanium is given to Dr. Real and all of his technological intelligence is given to Dr. Real, which is how the technology came to exist in the first place. Therefore, it turns out that the time travel didn't interfere with anything, but rather the timeline itself relied upon the time travel occuring so that technology would exist.

List of Mechanium

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