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Mecha Sonic: Quest for Power

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This is Mecha Sonic's final stand as he joins Mecha Shadow to become the ultimate in evil, power and Vitality

Story Mecha Sonic stands in wonder and curiosity to see if he can become invincible, until Super Sonic appears challenges him to fight, he accepts, they are interuppted by Mecha Shadow, he uses Chaos Control and deafeats Super Sonic, he loses the Chaos Emeralds and then flees to recover, meanwhile Mecha Sonic feeling greatful but antagonised he suggests they leave Sonic for now and focus on becoming Demi-Gods. Thier Meta-Physical oddysey begins...



Mecha Sonic

Mecha Shadow

Mecha Shadic

Sub Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog

Super Sonic

Shadow the Hedgehog

Super Shadow

Shadic the Hedgehog


Super Mecha Sonic

Super Mecha Shadow

Hiro the Echidna

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