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Mecha Sonic
Mecha Sonic
Render by Nibroc-Rock.
Full Name Mecha Sonic
Current Age N/A
Date of Birth October 18, 1994
Gender N/A (preferred as male)
Species Hedgebot
Location Mobius
Current Status Single
Class Villian
Family and Relations
Dr. Eggman
Vulnerable To Losing power
First Appearance Sonic and Knuckles
Latest Appearance Sonic Craze
Mecha Sonic is a powerful robot built by Dr. Eggman that appeared in the game Sonic & Knuckles. He can roll into a ball and spin-dash just like his living counterpart. He can also float as a spiky ball and attack from above. His powerful transformation yet was Super Mecha Sonic.


Sonic CD 2

Mecha Sonic appears as a boss, along with Silver Sonic and Metal Sonic. You have to race him in Sky Speedway.