Mecha DDD

Mecha DDD (Or Mecha Dedede by some fans) is the main villian of Yen The Green Puffball. It is a robotic version of King Dedede. Sometime before the events of Yen, it went haywire. He started destroying everything in his path.


Mecha DDD is a black and white King Dedede. It has almost completely black eyes, with only yellow pupils. These pupils seem to be very high tech, being able to shoot lazers and scan things. He has hidden jets in his shoes, which can allow him to fly up to 20 miles per hour. His hammer is not shown to have any difference to regualr Dedede, but that could easily change in future games. His lazerbeam's colors are yellow, almost the same shade as his eyes. His attacks seem to be a combo of, of lazer, hammer, and jet Kiby.

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