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Mecha Bloop
The countdown has started, pathetic heroes... Ready to blow?
Mecha Bloop talking to all the heroes in Fantendo Adventures

Mecha Bloop is the robotic, twisted version of Bloop.


When the third Oblivion Stone was retrieved by the heroes, The Groo decided that he needed to create an entity to not only help Team Tremble and destroy the heroes, but to also destroy what he calls The Creation. (Which later is revealed to be The Fan) The Groo then captures Bloop (Who's location at the time was unknown but was thought to be somewhere in the ocean) and incases him in a robotic suit and puts him in a capsule. Bloop cries and screams as bolts of electricity zap him everywhere inside the suit and because of his claustrophobia. Then, the suit opens up, Bloop falls out, and the robot closes back up and begins to float slightly up and down. Then, the robot's eyes glowed and it's head slowly lifted. It was activated.

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