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Species Origin Koopa Troopa
First Appearance Super Mario World
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros. U
Notable Members
Koopa Troop

Mecha-Koopas are, as the name implies, mechanic Koopas, with a wind-up key on their back. They belong to the Super Mario series, and the Koopa Troop. They attack by chasing the player, and, in the manner of Bowser, by spiting fire. If Mario jumps on a Mecha-Koopa, the Mecha-Koopa will be paralyzed, and become a object Mario can throw. He will explode after a short time, like a Bob-omb.

Despite the artificial appearance, this creature longs to be a real Koopa, even going so far as to collapse into a throwable object when jumped on, though its hard metal exterior prevents any real damage and likely would just normally bounce Mario off from it. The Mecha Koopa often sacrifices itself due to its overwhelming desire to be a real creature.


New Super Mario Baseball

Mecha-Koopas make an appearance on the Koopalings' team in New Super Mario Baseball.

Paper Mario Instrumental

Mecha-Koopas make thier first appearance in a Paper Mario game. They appear as Bowser's minions. HP:4 Attack:1 Defense:0

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