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me and my shadow
My Shadow
North American boxart
Developer(s) Existence Software
Publisher(s) Fantendo Publishing Ltd.
Platform(s) Nintendo Chrome
Genre(s) Horror, Puzzle
Release Date(s)
Q1 2016
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
M for Mature (ESRB)
18+ (PEGI)
Media Included Nintendo Chrome optical disk

me and my shadow is a 2016 psychological horror-puzzle title for the Nintendo Chrome, created by Existence Software. The game only features a single character (Haruka Moto) as she is slowly driven insane by her mind. The game is a spin-off of Protocol, taking place in the same universe.


Haruka Moto wakes up in the middle of a meadow surrounded by nothing and no memory of why she is there. Standing up, the girl takes a look around and finds a small town. She quickly heads over to it and finds it abandoned, with the buildings crumbling and machines rusting. Confused as to why everything has deteriorated so much in only a few days' time, she sets out to find some answers.

Soon, she comes upon a newspaper dated May 5, 2079: sixteen years after she remembers. Confused by this revelation, she scans the newspaper and finds details about the SANI-T virus. With the details slowly coming back to her, she sets out on a quest to retrieve her memories or find a trace of human life and get answers.


me and my shadow is, for the most part, an open world title. The player controls Haruka, who wanders around a large, empty world. Suffering from insomnia, her lack of sleep and lack of contact with other people slowly deteriorates her mine, causing hallucinations and slowly driving her mad. Haruka's main goal in the game, hence the player's main goal, is to uncover what happened to everyone. To do so, she is often subjected to puzzles, which can change depending on her mental state. These changes can either help or hinder Haruka on her quest, as her insanity may cause her to understand gibberish or, oppositely, disable her senses and cause her to become confused.

Haruka Moto

Haruka Moto is the sole character to appear in the game. Haruka never actually appears in the game, and her appearance is limited to what appears on the game's cover art: a black silhouette of a jumping girl. Technically, she is 14 years old, and is voiced by Eden Riegel.


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