PREVIOUSLY ON THE MCTOONS McBoo and Tranzformez fight some more.

  • Ghlyde - WANNA PIECE OF THIS!!!
  • GhoshiEgg Nook - Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!

GhoshiEgg Nook saves Ghlyde, but is killed.

  • McBoo - NO!!! YoshiEgg!
  • Tranzformez - HA! This won't be the last sorrow!

Tranzformez charges his energy.

  • McBoo - STOP!!!

McBoo is knocked unconscious by the energy.

  • Tranzformez - HAHA! Good bye McBoo! This is the END OF THE END!!!
  • O'Lantern - *Gasps.*

McBoo is injured at this point, and there is no way of stopping Tranzformez. With nobody to save him, what will become of the pink ghoul?

  • JesseRoo - Wait, WAIT, WAAAAAAIT! So, you revealed the killer in the last episode: EPISODE 13 OUT OF 20! Come on!
  • McQueenMario - I was out of ideas to hid the killer any longer!
  • JesseRoo - Well, at least make Tranzformez controlled to something!
  • YoshiEgg - Heh guys! Whats up?
  • JesseRoo - MQM just screwed up the storyline.
  • YoshiEgg - AND WHY DID YOSHIEGG GhoshiEgg Nook...DIE?! HUH?!
  • McQueenMario - Come on! Just let me do the next episode and THEN flame me!
  • JesseRoo - Whatever, lets hear it.

And now it's time to see what will happen to McBoo.

  • Tranzformez - This is it McBoo! Any last words?
  • O'Lantern - He's unconscious stupid!
  • Tranzformez - Oh ya. DIE!
  • Haunty Mole - NO!!!

Haunty Mole attacks Tranzformez.

  • Tranzformez - Haunty? But...your dead!
  • O'Lantern - Dude, he's STANDING RIGHT HERE!
  • Akro Bat - Lol!
  • Tranzformez - SHUT IT! How did you survive!
  • Haunty Mole - It's called faking!
  • Tranzformez - Oh...
  • McBoo - ...Ha...unty...

More to come.

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