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This article refers to McQueen Mario as of the 2015 continuity. For MQM's old page restored for archival's sake, see McQueen Mario/Classic.
McQueen Mario
MQM car dude
McQueen Mario
Full Name Mario "MQM" Checker McQueen
Gender Male
Species Car
Location Verona, California
Class Champion
Main Weapon(s) Oil

Mario Checker McQueen, better known as MQM or McQueen Mario, was the author avatar of McBoo-Blitzman (tbc) up until the creation of McBoo and Dudel. Now, MQM serves as the main protagonist of an upcoming project by Jake (tbc).

McQueen Mario is the reigning champion of the RSN Racing Championship, and the flagship competitor of the event ever since his debut participation in 1999.

McQueen Mario is known to be kind to his friends and pit crew, while mean to his over-competitive rivals. McQueen Mario shows respect to his competitors, though will become extremely competitive when time to race.

Physical Appearance

McQueen Mario is a small red Fiat 500 with a large pink baseball hat decorated with various pins and badges. He carries three flags, two small, one large. All three are pink with darker pink checker borders decorated with large red crests and with green horses within them. He has large, fuchsia eyes and his racing number - 999 - printed all over his body.


Guigi Tankfiller

Chick Bowser


Ni Toade

Game Appearances

Upcoming McQueen Mario reboot

McQueen Mario will be the protagonist of the McQueen Mario reboot. Duh.


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