McOober MMWii
McOober, the evil clone of McBoo.
Full Name McOober
Location Boo Woods
Class Villain

McOober is a Dark Boo that first appeared in McBoo's Mansion 2. He is the dark version of McBoo that is both stronger and smarter than McBoo. he is the father of tranzformez and the grandfather of haunty mole.


McBoo's Mansion 2

Image Character Description
McOober MM2 McOober An all-new creation made by Tranzformez, created by copying McBoo's DNA and adding a pinch of darkness. McOober is both stronger and smarter than McBoo, but not enough for McBoo is defeat, just like any other dark enemies.

McBoo's Mansion Wii

McOober makes an appearance in McBoo's Mansion Wii, only he is an enemy in the game after Tranzformez made millions of McOober clones.


  • McOober's name is a combination of McBoo and oober (Über). The First three letters of Oober (Oob) is actually reverse of Boo as well.