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I need more friends! Tee hee!

Welcome to the ideas section of the McBoo Series! Please add artworks, character ideas, game ideas, or anything that you think I should put in the McBoo Series. Please note that not all ideas will be accepted.


  • A direct port of McBoo's Mansion 3: Episode 1 and all other episodes for the 3DS
  • called McBoo's Mansion 3DS. - 1337doom (tbc)
  • McBoot Camp, a sports spinoff for the Wii like Wii Sports but with a boot camp theme. - 1337doom (tbc)
  • A game starring Ghoularry (Cuz he's awesome. XD) that reveals his origins, etc. - YoshiEgg (tbc)
  • McBoo's Mansion 4, 'nuff said. - SonicWiki (tbc)
  • Per SW and McBoo's Mansion 3: Episode 2 Clyde1998 (tbc)
  • A direct port of McBoo's Mansion 3: Episode 1 and all other episodes for the DS called The McSaga. - Micool26 (tbc)
    • Why would anyone do that? That's porting several games from one system onto ITSELf, and giving it a misleading name suggesting it's something completely new. -leety comment
  • Balloon Fight spin-off starring Akro Bat the Fang, for WiiWare. Arend (tbc)
  • A dark, sad adventure/romance game in the McBoo series with a new character who is a cute booline/female boo who falls in love with McBoo (even though Booberry is still there) but is destroyed even after McBoo saves her life. It would make for a great plot, you know.
  • Above, nuff' said. Stelios7Ani424MSTalk To Me...!


  • A ghost version of the character Petey Piranha. - RedYoshi (tbc)
  • ('Bout time this happened!) Prince Boo - King Boo's snobby nephew. - YoshiEgg (tbc)
  • A female ghost Cheep Cheep who is an inventor, Possibly named Sue Shi. - EdGeorgenCody (tbc)
  • A Booline that is McBoo's cousin - SonicWiki (tbc)
  • Female admirer of O'Lantern (also no. #1 fan of him). Always interrupts O'Lantern - Arend (tbc)
  • And McPika as well (go to McSite to get picture) - Arend (tbc)
  • Marko Jenson McBoo, McBoo's Brother - SuperLuigiYoshikid (tbc)
  • A female undead Bandit that stalks Ghoularry. - EdGeorgenCody (tbc)
  • Lady Bow from Paper Mario. (King Boo's sister.) - EdGeorgenCody (tbc)
  • A female Boo that is in love in McBoo, and chases him around all the world. She hates Booberry. - Uil Team (tbc)
  • McBones! - Lemmykoopa24 (tbc)
  • A Terekuribo who has a giant crush on Akro Bat - EdGeorgenCody (tbc)
  • Haunty Mole's wife! She has a long, standing reddish hair with curls, and also has glasses and polka-dot skirt. Name: Ms. Mole (maybe). - Arend (tbc)
  • A Broozer who bullies and slams other ghosts, who seems to be a fan of Roy Koopa. No name yet. - Arend (tbc)
  • King Boo's right-hand man, butler and counselor (in once). His name could be James Booton. - Arend (tbc)
  • McNeary, A Buneary who has a crush on McPika (and vice versa) since the elementary school. She is pinkish with a purple/magenta cap - Arend (tbc)
  • General Bomb Boo, a Bomb Boo leader who works for King Boo - SuperLuigiYoshikid (tbc)
  • A ghost version of the character Gooper BlooperSuperSilver999 (tbc)
  • Baby versions of the main characters- PabloDePablo 21:04, July 22, 2011 (UTC)
  • A ghost version of Birdo named Ghirdo.Unnamed



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