McBoo: Under Sea Haunt is a game made by Phoniex Circle, and mainly stars McBoo and O' Lantern.


O' Lantern and McBoo were busy at the Mansion, when a rouge wave hits and destroys it. Afterwards, O' Lantern washes up on shore, almost dead, while McBoo has to try and find all the missing ghouls.

Later, they get back together, and Haunty Mole tells them he had caused the rouge wave. After the battle, all the ghosts rebuild the mansion and everything returns to normal.


A first player plays as McBoo as he tries to find all the ghosts on the map, and if he collects a certain number, it will switch to O' Lantern trying to light himself with candles. The only difference is your playing as two different characters looking for different things. A second player can join any time and play as O' Lantern.

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