During the events of McBoo's Mansion, King Boo calls to meeting after his defeat in Luigi's Mansion.

  • King Boo - Attention all Boos, Dry Bones, and any other non-living creature in this stinkin' mansion, the meeting entitled, My Amazingly Unfair Defeat, is about to start! Take your places!
  • O'Lantern - Yes, it was amazing, wasn't it, Akro Bat?
  • Akro Bat - Yes, of course! One of the most epic moments in...
  • King Boo - I said Amazingly UNFAIR, morons!
  • O'Lantern - Ohhhhhh...what?
  • McBoo - Please excuse the stupidity of my friends. They didn't mean to hurt your feeling, your majesty.
  • Akro Bat - Yes, we're sorry, now can we just get on with the meeting?
  • King Boo - Long, long ago, Boos and humans were...
  • O'Lantern - I can tell how long we'll be floating her for.
  • McBoo - O'Lantern!
  • King Boo - Ahem...long, long age, Boos and humans...
  • Akro Bat - Hey King Boo...
  • McBoo - Akro Bat, be polite!
  • Akro Bat - Fine! Your majesty...could we just get to the point already! I mean, who really cares about the history of Boos and all that stuff.
  • Dry Bones - Me!
  • King Boo - You know Akro Bat, your right! Lets just get to the point!...your fired!
  • O'Lantern - What!
  • King Boo - I SAID, your fired!
  • O'Lantern - Really?
  • King Boo - YES!
  • O'Lantern - But I thought you said Akro Bat was fired! Not me!
  • King Boo - Grrr...
  • McBoo - Your majesty, there must be a reason for this!
  • King Boo - Let me explain. You four were hiding in the shadows when my minions and I were getting inhaled by that green plumber's vacuum cleaner! FAIL!
  • Akro Bat - Um...King Boo...I mean your kinda just insulted yourself there.
  • O'Lantern - We're getting a promotion?! Hey, King Boo, I've been working on my scariness! See!...BOO!!!
  • King Boo - Are you in a daze! I just fired Akro Bat! Do you really thing I will give you a promotion after that.
  • O'Lantern - After what?
  • King Boo - YOU KNOW WHAT!
  • McBoo - But you just can't fire all of us! We didn't do anything other than hide from Luigi...your...majesty.
  • King Boo - Thats is why!
  • O'Lantern - But he had a vacuum cleaner!
  • Akro Bat - Well as least now a can find a boss that pays me!

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