Astral Fairy
Game Fire Emblem Odyssey
First Seen Chapter 1: The Sky Dragon Festival
Starting Class Astral Fairy

Mayu (真優 Mayū) is a character from Fire Emblem Odyssey. She is an Astral Fairy who lives in a tower in My Castle. She is voiced by (???) in the Japanese version and by Laura Bailey in the English version.


Mayu plays a similar roll as Lilith did in Fire Emblem Fates. She helps her allies fight in My Castle battles and Castle Invasions, serving as an attacker and healer. Every new day in game (about every 4 battles), you can visit her tower located in My Castle and feed her food you've collected. Feeding her food allows her to level up and gain stats, and each food has a higher chance of raising a certain stat.

Mayu appears in the first chapter after the Astral Fairies send her to help out the Avatar and their allies after hearing of Queen Amaura's death. She offers them safe haven in the astral realm after every battle, but says that she cannot transfer them there during a fight because it puts them at risk of enemies entering the portal. Though she can only leave the astral realm for a limited amount of time, she and the Avatar become great friends.


Mayu is a very positive, cheery girl who helps out in any way she can. If the avatar visits her often, she gives them gifts that can be used in battle. Sometimes, she has conversations with the Avatar, talking about other deeprealms she visited and all the people she met. Occasionally she talks about other people in the army as well, and how they visit her.


Base Stats

Starting Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Move
Astral Fairy 1 20 2 9 6 4 5 7 7 6
Skills Weapon Rank Starting Items
Fairy Aura (Personal skill) Magic Wand - E
Staff - E
Fairy Wand/Fairy Staff


Hi, Avatar! I'm glad to see you.
Entering Mayu's tower

Okay, see you tomorrow!
Leaving Mayu's tower

♫ Happy birthday to yooooou! ♫
Entering the tower on your birthday

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