Maya (Drackula)
Full Name Maya
Current Age 1 (technically)
18 (physically)
Gender Female
Species Robot
First Appearance TBA

Maya is a modern robot and is the newest creation by Silverlight Robotics, the original creators of Cura. She is set to appear in whatever project comes after Invaders.


Maya is a robot with long pink hair and a pink and grey body. Aside from her long hair and the color difference, she looks fairly similar to Cura in design.


As a robotic supersolider, Maya has the ability to fly, and can shoot rockets and lasers from her arms, although she rarely uses her abilities as she doesn't like to get violent.


Decades after the original Cura project was dropped, Silverlight Robotics began working on a new project to create self-aware robot super-soliders in the wake of the events of Fantendo - Genesis, as people began to be more adjusted with the presence of robots and aliens.

Maya was one of two of the robot supersoldiers first announced, the other being Lance. The two ended up going on various missions to protect the people, usually rescue missions of the like. However, while Maya was cheerful and peaceful, much like Cura, Lance developed a more abrasive and arrogant personality. Lance would frequently emotionally abuse Maya, looking down on her and convincing her that she was useless. Eventually, Lance would abandon Maya and perform missions by himself, leaving Maya all alone.


Maya was once much more cheerful and happy, wanting nothing more than to help people. However, after Lance emotionally tormented and abused her for being inferior to him in his eyes, Maya developed an inferiority complex and felt useless and weak.


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