Maxwell scribbles up a storm!
Maxwell's tagline in his reveal trailer

Maxwell (SSBRE)
SU Maxwell
This Scribblenaut is ready to fight!
Symbol Maxwell Logo
Universe Scribblenauts
Smash Appearances
Super Smash Bros. Rebirth
Official Debut Scribblenauts (DS, 2009)
Availability Downloadable Content (cost $4.99)
Final Smash Portal Chaos
Home Stage Playground
 Maxwell is a Scribblenaut who hails from the series Scribblenauts, and makes his Smash debut as a downloadable character in Super Smash Bros. Rebirth. He is a lightweight character, making him fast and a bit weaker then other fighters in his size. Maxwell makes up for this with his powerful specials and good recovery, along with his Final Smash. Maxwell can be purchased from the Smash Shop for either $4.99 US dollars or by collecting 5,000 coins in Smash Run and converting them to actual dollars in the shop's conversion center.


Special Moves

  • Neutral Special: Notebook- Maxwell writes the name of an in-game item and summons it. The notebook cannot summon full sets of parts for items like the Dragoon or Daybreak, Smash Balls, Poke Balls/Master Balls, or assists trophies. Holding down the B button will cycle through items. Each item does the normal effects and/or damage.
  • Side Special: Dinosaur Ram - Maxwell summons a T-Rex and bashes any opponent close to him. This move does about 18% damage, but can do up to 33% if the opponent is farther away, making this move perfect for K.Os.
  • Up Special: Wings - Maxwell puts on a pair of angel wings and glides through the air. While this move doesn't do damage in the air, it will damage any opponents nearby when it is activated with 5% damage.
  • Down Special: Post 217 - Using the infamous exploding portrait, Maxwell arms Post 217 and causes anyone hit by the explosion to gradually take damage over time. After the effects wear off, opponents are left with an extra 42% damage.
  • Final Smash: Portal Chaos - A giant portal appears above the stage and summons many creatures of diverse sizes. Before the move ends, a dragon fires a giant beam of fire and gives each opponent 78% damage, instantly K.Oing some of them.

  • Neutral Special: Adjective Notes
  • Side Special: Dragon Bash
  • Up Special: Jet Pack
  • Down Special: Nuclear Missile

  • Neutral Special: Superhero Notepad
  • Side Special: Cerberus Slam
  • Up Special: Backpack Helicopter
  • Down Special: Big Bang

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