Maximum is a platformer game that will come to Fusion Eternity. The game is based around two best friends that go on an adventure to find a treasure. Its a 2 Player Game. Even that the game is on 2D, there will be parts when the game will turn 3D to do certain parts on levels




The game, like in every platformer, has some PowerUps, you will lose the Item you get when you get hit, except Heart, cause it transforms into your health, and PacMan, cause it makes you invincible

Name Description
Jump Boots Makes you jump higher
Angel Wings Gives you the ability of flying in the air for 10 Seconds
Heart Makes you regain health (1 Heart)
PacMan Makes you invincible for a short time (8 Seconds)



They could be compared with the Goombas of all Mario Platformers, they move left and right and dont jump, they only hurt you when you touch them. They are 5 Classes of Detes on this game: Normal Detes, Big Detes, Flying Detes, Fire Detes and MechaDetes

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