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Max and Friends (Chapter 1) Death Race

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In Twilightland. Its always a wreck there.

King Perry: Flaap, Wheelie. You know were the hell babies are?

Flaap: You mean Max, Baby, Golden, Aron and Chublitz? There at Shine Woods.

Wheelie: Everybody know that Shiny will kill them.

King Perry: I know those kids we be here in

Max: Sorry were late.

King Perry: I don't gave a shit about what you have to say.

Chublitz: We fight a Waolouga and a DFA. So gave us some damn credit!

Golden: Yeah! You need to calm down and shut the hell up!

King Perry: You want me to kill you?

Aron: Shut it. We aren't finish.

Baby: So leave us alone! Hey why is his hand glowing?( A beam shot out of the castle)

King Perry: Now. Let me finish. I what to go to Rift Gorge and recives a special apple.

Max: And why the hell should we do that?

King Perry: If you don't I'll clubbed you to death.





Max: We'll get your apple.( the young ones left)

Flaap: Was that every right?

Wheelie: I think it was.




(In Retra Town)

Nodi: Your going to Rift Gorge?

Niddy: Your going to get beat up.

Max: Thanks. You two are our best friends.

Nodi: My and big bro are just saying that you should be careful.

Baby: We'll defeat anyone who comes are way.

Nodi: (That what you always say) Well. See you and don't get eaten.

Chublitz: You know that we have unlimited life on this planet.

Niddy: Of course. (Not really)

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