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Max the yoshi

Cover art.

Max The Yoshi is a 2011 video game that bonked the idea of the game on the manager's head.


You can ride in carts,use fire breath,and jump on stuff.


A evil brainwashed shy guy has stolen Princess Apple!Get her back.There is 5 worlds.Each world has the brainwashed shy guys minions at the end of the level.


World 1:Giant Eggman Bot

World 2:Metal Max

World 3:Facebook(XP)

World 4:weegee

World 5:Brainwashed Shyguy Skeleton &Super Brainwashed Shyguy

Downloadable Stuff

You can download these characters:

  • Dark
  • Boom
  • Link

You can download these levels:

  • Dark Cavern
  • Zako World
  • Yoshi's Island
  • You can also unlock suits:
  • Mr.Incredible
  • Luigi
  • Mario
  • Dark
  • Boom
  • Silver
  • Fadi
  • Zurg
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Woody
  • Kool Aid Guy

All of this is unlocked with codes.

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