Maverick Trigger
Developer(s) Maverick Technologies
Manufacturer(s) Maverick Technologies
Console Type Home console
Generation Eighth generation
Storage 500 GB
Release Date(s)
November 6, 2015
Media Physical and digital
CPU 1.86 GHz AMD 8 Core APU

The Maverick Trigger (Also known as Trigger or The Maverick) is a home video game console developed and manufactured by Maverick Technologies. It will release on November 6, 2015 across the world. The eighth-generation console competes with the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U.

Along with the release of the console, it introduces Maverick Play. A free online gaming service that will enable subscribers to download content and play with other players across the world.


A console was in development at Fusion Studios before their doors were shut down. The console's codename was the "Fusion Maverick". However, once the impending bankruptcy was coming close, it was a smart move to close down the studio. Once it happened, MrDjThompson took all of the ideas that were planned for Fusion Studios and used it on his new company, Maverick Technologies.

One day after the closure of Fusion Studios, MrDjThompson announced his brand-new company and there products in development.


The design of the console itself looks extremely similar to the Xbox 360. The controller's design, however, is similar to the PlayStation 4 while the layout is similar to the Xbox 360 controller, with an extra button that will start streaming your gameplay onto Twitch.


Operating System

The Maverick Trigger runs on a custom operating system which is a modified version of the Xbox 360 Operating System. 

The interface for the console is called "TriggerOS". The console has a media player that can be used to music CD's and be played during gameplay. You can also play DVD and Blu-ray movies, however, you can't play it through gameplay. It also lets users manage game saves, music, and downloadable content from Maverick Play. The interface uses large amounts of Red, to be consistant with the consoles color scheme.


Crimson Crisis - November 6, 2015

(If you want your game to be on the console, comment on this page or contact MrDjThompson as soon as possible)


On the same day as the release of the console, Maverick Technologies launched the Mustang Play online gaming service, allowing subscribers to play online with other players across the world and download new content directly to the consoles hard drive.

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