"Matthew shows his Psyenergy!"

(Introduction tagline)

NSM Matthew
Golden Sun symbol
The Venus Adept
Series Golden Sun
First appearance Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (2010)
Recent game Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (2010)
Availability Starter
Final Smash Judgment
Home stage Venus Lighthouse

Matthew, Isaac's son and one of the most powerful Venus Adepts, joins the battle in Super Smash Bros. NeXt and brings back the Golden Sun series. Matthew, along with his friends Tyrell, Karis and Rief, is the protagonist and the main playable character in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. In that game, he wasn't able to speak but in NeXt Matthew can talk in a taunt as well as in a victory pose. Matthew is also unique due to his custom moves that are unique moves rather than variations of the main move.


Matthew is a quite slow swordfighter with many ranged attacks. Matthew's sword has also a sweetspot placed near the hilt. Sakurai explained Matthew's moves saying: "Matthew has many ranged attacks, so we thought it could be a good idea to place Matthew's sword's sweetspot near the hilt, so he can be a great choice in both close fights as well as camping. Matthew has also unique custom moves: Mario, for example, has the Fireball as the main move and Fast Fireball and Fire Orb as custom move but the idea at the base of the attack doesn't change: Mario will always shoot a Fireball. In Matthew's case this logic changes: Matthew has Move as his Standard Special but his customs are Haunt and Cure: two totally different moves. So choosing your favorite combination of attacks with Matthew is extremely important."

Pros and cons


  • Good in both close and ranged fight.
  • Unpredictable, as he has different moves.
  • One of the longest reach in the game (thank to the Long Sword).


  • Quite slow and not so agile.
  • The sweetspot placed near to the hilt of the Long Sword makes him more vulnerable when he wants to KO an opponent.
  • Bad damage output.


Ground attacks

Move Name Damage Description
Jab 5%, 5% (tip), 8% (hilt), 4% A punch followed but a sword slash and a kick at the end. One of the strangest jabs in the game because the strongest hit is the second.
Side tilt 8% Matthew punches forward. One of Matthew's best move because of his quickness.
Up tilt 9% (tip), 12% (hilt) Matthew swings his sword upwards, dealing low knockback. Very good move and one of Matthew's main tool in combos.
Down tilt 6% A low kick. Probably Matthew's least useful move.
Dash attack 10% (tip), 13% (hilt) A sword chop, from the high to the down. High knockback, can KO at 130% if sweetspotted. If hits with the tip, this move starts KOing at 200%.
Forward Smash 17% (tip), 25% (hilt). Matthew swings the sword like Ike's Forward Smash but faster. The hilt is Matthew's first finisher as it starts KOing at 80%.
Up Smash 14% (front, tip), 19% (front, hilt), 16% (back, tip), 23% (back, hilt). Matthew swings his sword as an arc, first backward then forward.
Down Smash Djinn 22% (Venus Djinn), 18% (Mars Djinn), 15% (Mercury Djinn), 10% (Jupiter Djinn). Matthew unleashes the power of a Djinn in the order: the Venus one, the Mars one, the Jupiter one and the Mercury one. They attack as a shockwave on the ground, unlike the Djinn item that attacks when launched. A stronger Djinn is also slower and a faster one is also weaker.

Aerial attacks

Move Name Damage Description
Neutral aerial 9% (clean), 6% (late) A normal sex kick with a good reach due to Matthew's long legs.
Forward aerial 5% (kick 1), 8% (kick 2) A double kick, like Captain Falcon's neutral aerial. A good racking-damage move.
Back aerial 9% (tip), 14% (hilt) Matthew swings his sword backward. A good KO move and the tip can pseudo-Wall of Pain.
Up aerial Mars Djinni 16% Matthew creates a powerful fireball, with a good KO power. While being a great KO tool (starts KOing at 95% near the upper blast line) this move has notable start-up and landing lag.
Down aerial Battle Axe 14% (start-up), 15% (sweetspot), 14% (late). Matthew attacks downwards with his Battle Axe. Matthew's only move that uses a weapon different to the Long Sword or a Djinn. Can meteor smash if the sweetspot is landed.

Grab and throws

Move Damage Description
Grab -% Matthew grabs with the left hand.
Pummel 1% Slowly kneels. One of the worst pummels in the game.
Forward throw 9% Matthew uses Move and pushes the opponents forward. No combo abilities at all, but stronger than the Move attack.
Back throw 7% Matthew launches the opponent backward, with low knockback and damage. Almost no combo proprieties.
Up throw 2% Weakest throw in the game but with high knockback. Matthew uses a Jupiter Djinni to throw the opponent upwards.
Down throw 12% Matthew launches the opponent with both hands downwards. Diagonal knockback, allows to combo into a forward aerial. Matthew's highest damage throw too.

Other attacks

Move Name Damage Description
Floor attack (front) 5% (tip), 7% (hilt) Matthew swings his sword first forward, then backward while getting up.
Floor attack (back) 7% Matthew kicks first backward then forward while getting up.
Ledge attack 3% (tip), 6% (hilt) Matthew swings his sword while getting onto the battlefield.

Special moves

Move Name Damage Description
Standard Special 1 Move 4% (clean), 3% (late) Matthew creates a giant green hand that reflects also projectiles incoming. Quite good range.
Standard Special 2 Haunt Variable Matthew creates some ghost-like clouds in front of him. If an opponent is caught inside, a flower will grow on his head.
Standard Special 3 Cure -% Matthew kneels down and restores his damage. In a team battle, there's a 50% of chance that Matthew will cure an ally.
Side Special 1 Ragnarok 18% Matthew creates a sword that launches forward. This move is one of Matthew's strongest attacks.
Side Special 2 Annihilation 28%, 3% (recoil) Matthew attacks with his Long Sword. This move has a big hitbox but also 3% of recoil damage.
Side Special 3 Helm Splitter 3% Matthew paralyzes a close opponent, inflicting him a minor damage but leaving him open to a powerful move.
Up Special 1 Bramble 5% (spine) Matthew creates a vine that can be climbed only by Matthew. A fairly good recovery move because of the height gained and the fact that Matthew isn't left helpless and he can even double jump too, if he didn't do this before. The vine lasts for 6 seconds.
Up Special 2 Thunder 15% Matthew jumps upward unleashing a powerful thunder. Very powerful but not a great recovery move.
Up Special 3 Flame 10% Matthew shoots a flame and propels himself upward. You can also choose the direction, making this move a reliable recovery move.
Down Special 1 Gaia 14% (per shake) Matthew creates an earthquake (similar to DK's Hand Slap) in front of him. By pressing B continuously, he keeps creating shakes.
Down Special 2 Spire 18% Matthew creates a stalagmite. When it comes, it inflicts high damage and extremely high vertical knockback, allowing to easy KOs on lighter or floatier characters.
Down Special 3 Growth 4% (spines) Matthew creates a wall of plants that, unlike Bramble, can't be climbed. However, they last longer (10 seconds).
Final Smash Judgment Varies Matthew summons a powerful angel that lasts one the battlefield for 20 seconds. The angel attacks with its sword and when it is on the battlefield, Matthew can move around and attack opponents.



  • Looks around.
  • Mends his gloves.


  • Up: points his sword forward and says: "You can't win!"
  • Side: extends his arms forward and a flower grows when he extended the arms.
  • Down: shows a casual Djinni.

Fighting stance

Stays straight up with the right hand grabbing the sword.

Victory poses

  • Runs the edge of his sword and says: "You're finished!"
  • Walks along with Tyrell and Karis with the latter saying: "You're great, Matthew."
  • Isaac embrace his son and says: "I'm proud of you, son."

Losing animation

Claps slowly. He's very sad.

On screen-appearance

Comes out from an earthquake.

Walking and dashing animation

  • Walk: walks while grabbing his sword.
  • Dash: runs while grabbing his sword.


  • Dodging: rolls backward/forward avoiding the attack.
  • Spot dodge: puts his sword like a shield while actually dodging the attacks.
  • Air dodge: spins in the air.

Crowd cheer

MAT-THE-EW! (deep males, probably a reference to Isaac)

Victory theme

A remix of Golden Sun Dark Dawn introduction theme (from 00.49 to 01.03).

Trophy description

The son of Isaac, Matthew too is a very powerful Venus Adept. He uses his Venus psyenery moves to control the earth in all of its forms. Matthew is also a superb swordfighter and his Long Sword is the demonstration. Actually, Matthew's sword hits harder near the hilt but with Matthew's many projectiles it isn't a problem to control the battlefield. Matthew is also unique because of his custom moves that are stand-alone attacks. Will he stand by his father?

Appeared in: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS, 10/10)

Reveal trailer

Trailer's name: Get ready for the NeXt generation!

The trailer starts with a red and a blue Smash logos that collide becoming a bigger purple logo. Then the scene starts with Mario who's holding a flag that says "Get ready for the NeXt generation!" on a peak. After that, the other Original 8 are seen arriving: who's running, who's driving a starship, who's riding a horse or a star. Some gameplay sequences start with the veterans fighting each other. At some point, DK is fighting against Like who uses his boomerang and attacks the Kong. After this, a storm of ink comes on him: INKLING GETS THE BATTLEFIELD DIRTY! New gameplay footage featuring Inkling is seen:

  • female orange and male blue Inklings are seen fighting each other.
  • Male cyan shoots some ink and swims away as a Squid. Arrives a female blue that can't walk well.
  • Samus is seen charging her Charge Shot when female orange shoots with the Splat Charger to her.
  • Fox is seen outrunning a male orange but he transforms in squid and he's faster.
  • Eight Inklings, four orange and four blue are seen fighting like in a Turf War.

Female orange and male blue Inklings are now calm when appears a giant green hand and a voice says "You forgot my father, but you won't forget me!": MATTHEW SHOWS HIS PSYENERGY! A gameplay footage starring Matthew starts:

  • Link, Samus and Inkling are charging their weapons, then they shoot but Matthew reflects the projectiles with his Move psyenergy.
  • DK launches him out of the stage but he returns with the Bramble. Then he says: "Do you really think I don't have my tools?"
  • Attacks (in order) with these moves, showing their effects and saying their name: Haunt, Thunder, Ragnarok, Thunder, Annihilation, Cure, Spire, Growth, Helm Splitter and Gaia. At the end he say: "Finally... JUDGMENT!" and shows this attack.

Then the Smash logo returns, showing the game's name: Super Smash Bros. NeXt.

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