Matter Man is a puzzle/platforming  game about a robot who can transform into different things using power ups. It is for the Wii U and 3DS.


You control a robot named Matter Man. Since this game is a 2D platformer, Matter Man has to constantly get from the beginning to the end of stages. There are various power-ups which transform Matter Man into certain objects, which help him maneuver around the stage. He can defeat enemies by using a sword or firing a shiruken. (Matter Man is kind of a ninja.....)


The Virus Bomber is planning to make the entire world uninhabitable using his bombs. A scientist creates a robot, Matter Man, to stop the bomber.


W1-Giant Caterpillar

W2-Ice Spirit

W3-Fire Camel

W4-Great Shark

W5-Old Robot

W6-Mountain Beast


W8-Virus Bomber


All Power-Ups can be removed by will, excluding the ones that say that Matter Man cant exit that state until reaching a certain condition. Steam Orb-Transforms Matter Man into steam.

Abilities:Matter Man floats up until he touches a celing, and is impervious to damage. When he touches the celing, he exits this form. He can also heat certain objects up.

Oxygen Orb-Transforms Matter Man into air.

Abilities:In this form, simmilar to steam, Matter Man can't take damage. He can only move left or right. He exits this form by touching a wall.

Fire Orb-Turns Matter Man into fire.

Abilities:Matter Man can walk on fire.

Electric Orb-Turns Matter Man into an electric ball.

Abilities-Matter Man can walk in electricity and shoot lightning.

Nature Orb-Turns Matter Man into a seed.

Abilities-Matter Man can make certain plants and objects grow.

Gravity Orb-Reverses gravity.

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