Masters of Battle is one Umbrella Game series created by New super sonic kirby X that began with Masters of Battle: Begining.

Plot of the Games

Masters of Battle: Begining

The game that began all. In this game, Bill Cipher made one deal with Tabuu, Tabuu needs Bill to recreate Subspace Army, Bill Cipher accepted if Tabuu gives him infinite powers, one mysterious entity called the best heroes of the Multiverse (that is named as 'Battleverse') to stop this evil menace...who called their own villain army.

The game has two different endings.

Good Ending: After defeating Tabuu and Bill Cipher, all the world returns to the normality, Mario kills Bill by punching him in this eye (he was weak after Tabuu Cipher, Bill and Tabuu's fusion were defeated and Tabuu died annd ended imprisioned in the Spirit Dimension, and all the enemies invoked by the villains disappeared.

True Ending: After Tabuu Cipher was destroyed, Bill and Tabuu scaped by a magic door and ended trapped in a time Bubble...but the enemies not were eliminated and continued by invading the worlds, Mario, Sonic, Mega-Man, Pac-Man, Ryu, Link, Crash Bandicoot and the other heroes decided to fight them.

Masters of Battle 2: Rise of the Fallen

In this sequel of the original game's True Ending, Lord Vortech, main antagonist from LEGO Dimensions was able to return outside of his prision and needs to destroy the Battleverse and free Tabuu and Bill out of they bubble prison and needs to revive deceased characters and take them under his control. However the heroes will stop Vortech and the villain army.

This game has also different endings, only one is confirmed.

The game also add new playable characters, like Megatron (Transformers), Freezer (Dragon Ball Z), Red Hood (DC Comics), Groot (Marvel Comics) and X-Cipher (Original character).

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List of Games



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