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This is a game created by New super sonic kirby X.{{Game-infobox |title = Masters of Battle: Begining |image = Comin'soon... |developer = Neontendo (my fanon company) |publisher = Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft |platforms = Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One |genre = Fight |series = Masters of Battle (series |predecessor = N/A |successor = [[Masters of Battle: Twisted Time |ratings = T for Teen |storage = GameStop |players_max = 8 players}}


The gameplay is similar to the Super Smash Bros. series, but take elements from another fighting games. Like in Injustice: Gods Among Us, you can use of different forms the objects of a Stage and the fight is in a 3D stage like in Dragon Ball: Budokai Tenkaichi series.

The game has different modes that you can play.

  • Battle: You can battle alone vs. CPU or with another players.
  • Battle for 8: The normal battle mode is for 4 players, this is for eight.
  • Online Battle: You can battle with users of all the world.
  • Stage Creator: You can create a stage (obviusly with certain limitations).
  • Story Mode: See the section "Story Mode".
  • Arcade: Choose a fighter and defeat 9 different characters in a fight tree. The final battle is with Dark Overlord (exclusive boss of this game).
  • Classic Room: Play 'demos' of titles that goes of the years since NES to Game Boy Advance.
  • Achievements: You can see all that you unlocked in the game.
  • Stadium of Minigames: Play different minigames outside the ring.

Minigames of Stadium

Exist multiple kinds of minigames that you can play in the Stadium.

  • Break the Targets: Break the greatest cantity of targets in the most possible minor time.
  • Run trought the Rings: It will be a race in a stage and you need to pass of different forms the Green Rings to win points.
  • Platform Climbing: Climb the platforms in the most possible minor time! Returns from the first SSB.
  • Smash Bomb: Launch a bomb with a bat to destroy the obstacle fortress!
  • Home-Run Contest: Launch a sandbag to the ggreatest distance with a baseball bat to win prizes!
  • Ghost Race: Beat a ghost of your character into a running time race.
  • Bomb Shooter: Destroy the indicated targets with a cannon of bombs.

Online Battle Modes

Exist different activities during Online Battle.

  • Tournament: Create your own tournament with the users.
  • Conquest: The same of SSB4. 
  • 1 vs 1: One fight of one user vs another user. A brawl for 2!
  • King of the Hill: One user will be the king. If a user defeats the king, he/her will be the new king. You can watch another fights in this mode and hear the dialogues of another users (that you can silence).
  • Clain: You can create a group of users to combat in the Online Modes.

Story Mode

I will write the story here for the moment.

Bill Cipher was diving into a blank and empty background before he finds a door and reappers in Tabuu's Subspace, where Bill finds a note to how revive Tabuu. In a large process, Bill finally revived Tabuu, but this one was weak after his dead at the hands of the SSBB Heroes. Tabuu asked Bill if he wanted to recreate the Subspace Army, Bill accepted only by making a deal with Tabuu. If Tabuu wins his goals, Bill would conquer the universe. Meanwhile...

Mario and Luigi were fighthing with Bowser, Finn and Jake were fighthing againts Ice King in the Adventure Time dimension. After defeating Bowser, one shine grew on Mario and Luigi and the two disappeared and were changed by Finn and Jake. Mario and Luigi reappered on the Ice Castle, in the Adventure Time dimension!

Zelda was awakening of the bed in her castle on TLOZ'dimension. But she saw something strange, the Hyrule's Planes were fusioned with Green Hill Zone. Sonic and Tails ran trought Green Hill Zone, but were attacked by Link. After defeating Link, he disappeared by a white shine and reappered in Plains with Trees, and he sees a Modern Age House.



Starter Characters

Starter Characters
Image Name Universe Description


Mario Super Mario TBA
Luigi (MP10)


Luigi Super Mario TBA
Peach (WGC)


Peach Super Mario TBA
TP Link


Link The Legend of Zelda TBA


Zelda The Legend of Zelda TBA


Sheik The Legend of Zelda TBA
Yoshi (MP10) 3


Yoshi Yoshi Island TBA


Kirby Kirby TBA
Meta Knight (WGC)

Meta Knight

Meta Knight Kirby TBA
Sonic (WGC)


Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog TBA
Tails (WGC)


Tails Sonic the Hedgehog TBA
Mega-Man Megaman TBA
This one - Samus
Samus (Normal Armor) Metroid TBA
Zero Suit Samus SSB4
Zero Suit Samus Metroid TBA
Nsmb2 bowser
Bowser Super Mario Bros.  TBA
Lucario Pokémon TBA
Charizard Pokémon TBA
Ganondorf (SSB 3DS & Wii U)
Ganondorf The Legend of Zelda TBA
Fox McCloud, Star Fox Command1
Fox Star Fox TBA
025Pikachu OS anime 5
Pikachu Pokémon TBA
200px-Rosalina Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Rosalina/Estela Super Mario Bros TBA
Pit Kid Icarus TBA
Palutena Uprising
Palutena Kid Icarus TBA
Ike Fire Emblem TBA
Marth Fire Emblem TBA
Corrin SSB4
Corrin (Male/Female) Fire Emblem TBA
Chara knuckles
Knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog TBA
Ryu Street Fighter TBA
Chun-Li Street Fighter TBA
Scorpion Mortal Kombat TBA
Ness EarthBound TBA
Captain falcon union
Captain Falcon F-Zero TBA
Pokken Mewtwo
Mewtwo Pokémon TBA
Son Goku Dragon Ball saga TBA
Naruto render by xuzumaki-d49n854
Naruto Uzumaki Naruto TBA
Ichigo Kurosaki - J-Stars render
Ichigo Bleach TBA
Spider-Man Marvel TBA
Thor Marvel TBA
Sans Undertale TBA

Unlockable Characters

Unlockable Characters
Image Name Universe Description How to Unlock


First Update

Image Name Universe Description Unlockable? How to Unlock
Battlefield Super Smash Bros.  One of the main rings of SSB series, you can launch to the oponent the flags, platforms and other stage stuff No No
150px-SSB4 Final Destination
Final Destination Super Smash Bros.  This stage is dangerous, sometimes, meteors and other stuff will fall againts the combatants No No
Mushroom kingdom u 1
Mushroom Ground U Super Mario Nabbit, Kamek and other enemies waits you in this SMB stage No No
MTO- Bowser Castle
Bowser's Castle Super Mario The King Koopa's lair is full of objects and VERY dangerous fire and laval volcanoes Yes Play 10 matches with Bowser
350px-South Hyrule Field
Hyrule Plains The Legend of Zelda This stage doesn't has with a lot of obstacles, but has a pretty object cantity No No
Yoshi Island place
Yoshi's Island Yoshi's Island You can fight in different year seasons, color Yoshis and Shy Guys populate this island No No
Dream Land PM 3.5
Dream Land Kirby Some times, Wispy Woods will awaken to attack the fighters Yes Play 20 matches with Kirby

Second Update New Stages

Assist Capsules

Beta Elements

  • Originally, it was used the energy bar fight system, but was eliminated and used the SSB system of gameplay
  • Joke characters were thaught to the game (ex: the Angry Videogame Nerd) but were eliminated, but they exist like trophies in the Achievements. 


  • This is New's greatest project at the moment.
  • The total of characters, stages and assistants is actually unknown.

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