The Masterpiece series is a action adventure/puzzle original series on the Infinity GX created by SuyoGames. The game features the famed detective Jigsaw Gether in his mystery and puzzled filled adventures.

Gameplay of the Series

In the first game, it is primarily puzzle based. As you fight enemies, blocks will appear on the bottom screen. The player must press X to go to the bottom screen, the player must then go through a Tetris like stage and avoid getting the bottom screen full of puzzle blocks, or it is game over.

The player must keep pressing X to switch screens as the blocks keep coming, however, once you go to puzzle mode you cannot move on the top screen, everything is frozen as you go through the puzzle like stage, until you press X again to go back to the top screen and roam levels.

Jigsaw has to defeat enemies along his adventure too, once an enemy is defeated, they become a block on the bottom screen, and sometimes, the blocks may be cursed, and if a block is cursed, you must tap it a lot to lift the curse. If you do not lift the curse, you cannot make the block disappear, and the curse might even spread to other blocks!

The next game will supossingly be a collect a thon, it will be similar to the Banjo Kazooie series.


The first game introduces the three characters, Jigsaw Gether, a famous detective, Scruffy, the wise and friendly pet dog of Jigsaw, and Peyton Partwell, a female who assists Jigsaw, she is a artist. The three head to rescue the odd machine called the Separtion, a machine that can turn the beautiful city of Frendle into a wasteland of broken pieces.

A villain who calls himself Cipher uses the machine to cause some wicked stuff, and now Jigsaw must track this Cipher down, before Frendle City becomes a wasteland.



  • Jigsaw Gether: A famous detective, Jigsaw is a smart man who has been solving mysteries for a long time.
  • Scruffy: The pet dog of Jigsaw, Scruffy is a white Shiba Inu who has been with Jigsaw for over 6 years, Scruffy is well trained and works alongside Jigsaw to solve puzzles in some situations.
  • Peyton Partwell: A young woman who is an artist, she becomes interested in Jigsaw and joins him to stop this new villain named "Cipher".
  • Cipher: A mysterious antagonist of the first game who is very intelligent.
  • Keyser: The owner of the museum in Frendle City. He seems to have some weird secret.
  • Kalt Sterben