Master of Four Seasons (Series)
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The series and game's logo.
Developer(s) Shooting Star Studios Logo
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Genre(s) Adventure, Shoot 'em up / Bullet hell
Spinoff(s) None
First Game Master of Four Seasons (Game)
Most Recent Game Master of Four Seasons (Game)
The Master of Four Seasons series is an original Shoot 'em up / RPG series starring Alice Harumi, as well as Luize NatsumiLorelei Akiko and Yuki Silverfield. It was created by Shooting Star Studios. There's currently only one game in develpment for arcades, as well as a port for the Wii U.


Only one game is currently in development for arcades. It's known that there's going to be a sequel to it, but it's unknown for which platform it'll be, title and what genre.

Logo Game System Plot Release Dates
MoFS Logo Master of Four Seasons (Game) Arcade, Wii U AliceYukiLorelei and Luize are all descendants of four gods that created them with magical season powers to protect a land that was separated from Japan by the gods, called Senkaihi, which was being attacked by demons and evil youkai, and was being the main source of monster apparitions that started to cause disaster on Earth. However, the fifth, traitor god created the fifth girl Yamiko, to destroy Senkaihi instead of protecting it. TBA 2016



Character Name Description Debut
NewAliceHarumiMoFS Alice Harumi Alice is the master of the Spring season. Alice is really confident, sweet and serious. She really wants to protect her land from any wrongdoings and will do anything to accomplish it. Master of Four Seasons (Game)
Lorelei Akiko MoFS
Art rework coming soon
Lorelei Akiko Lorelei is the master of the Autumn season. Lorelei is actually very serious and she tries to be polite most of the time. However, when she gets angry, she can become a little... too aggressive Master of Four Seasons (Game)
NewYukiSilverfieldMoFS Yuki Silverfield Yuki is the master of the Winter season. She's extremely calm and shy, but also a caring girl. She is able to manipulate cold air, and despises anything that is hot, which causes her to sometimes argue and even battle with Luize. Master of Four Seasons (Game)
Luize Natsumi MoFS
Art rework coming soon
Luize Natsumi Luize is the master of the Summer season. Luize is a very happy and energetic girl. She tends to be scandalous but sometimes she shows that she's very smart when helping the other heroines during the quest. Master of Four Seasons (Game)

Non-Playable Characters

Character Name Description Debut
Momos Momos are an animal-like species that mostly live as lovely and caring partners or companions. Momos are very loyal and dutiful, and most of them look like different animals, the most common ones being dogs and cats. The main Momos in the series are the heroines' pets: Hiroshi, Mai, Ka-ku and Tae. Master of Four Seasons (Game)


Character Name Description Debut
Yamiko MoFS
Art rework coming soon
Yamiko Yamiko is the master of Darkness. She was created by one god that was actually a traitor to the other four gods who created the other girls. She was made to manipulate "regular magic powers" that ended up being dark magic. Her creation was to actually destroy Senkaihi instead of protecting it, making her the main villain of the series. Master of Four Seasons (Game)
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  • The series is highly inspired by the Touhou Project series, created by Team Shanghai Alice / ZUN, sharing a similar take on Japanese mythology by featuring youkais and other mythologic entities and/or species.

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