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Master of Four Seasons
MoFS Logo
The game and series' logo.
Developer(s) Shooting Star Studios Logo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Arcade, Wii U
Release Date(s)
TBA 2015 / 2016
Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Esrb-teen-logo-lrg 12Rating
Genre(s) Shoot 'em up, Adventure
Series Master of Four Seasons
Media Included Wii U disk (Wii U port)

Master of Four Seasons (四季のプリンセス in Japanese, which means Shiki no Hime and translates to Princess of Four Seasons) is a shoot 'em up arcade game. It's the first game in the Master of Four Seasons series being developed by Shooting Star Studios. The game takes place at an alternate world called Senkaihi which was separated from Japan by five gods, and they've created four human girls with mystical powers based on the four seasons to protect their land, however, a fifth one was created with a different fate, and it would cause a disaster for the land as planned by a "god". The game is planned to be released in late 2015/early 2016.

A port for the Wii U is also planned for release in 2016 after the arcade release.


Once a peaceful place, the land of Senkaihi remained always calm and beautiful. Senkaihi was a great metropolis located in Japan where Humans and Youkai co-existed. It was the only place where magic remained over science, and where human magicians from other places around the world resided here as well. However, when the Demons attacked Japan and evil youkai were summonned, everything was just ruins, darkness and descruction. All people in Earth started to fear the youkai, and the innocent youkai were to unfairly blame as well. Five gods decided to separate the land of Senkaihi from Earth into a new dimension where nobody could enter, and only its current habitants would keep residing there. They battled the demons and evil youkai until none of them remained. However, there still was no peace in Senkaihi yet, as its separation from Earth started to cause several natural disasters, including the lack of a proper season cycle, causing several townspeople to become ill. Soon, the gods created four girls to protect the land and keep the cycle of seasons with their powers. The gods knew their jobs in Senkaihi were done for now, and so they departed to save the rest of Earth from the demons. 

However, one of the gods had other plans for Senkaihi, Japan and the rest of Earth. He would soon send a fifth girl, full of dark magic potential that would be his ultimate weapon to destroy everything and cover the world with darkness and monsters. The four girls, named Alice Harumi (destined to be the master of spring), Luize Natsumi (master of summer), Lorelei Akiko (master of autumn) and Yuki Silverfield (master of winter), would be given adoptive parents to teach them the arts of the magic, and they would experience their own events in their lives like any other human.

After some years however, the chaos comes again, and demons and evil youkai somehow manage to exist in the dimension of Senkaihi again to attack, while a dark magic starts to possess magicians as well. Tragic events occur, coming to the death of various loved people to the girls. Full of anger, sadness and determined, Alice develops her powers entirely and goes to get rid of the demons, save her people and destroy the source of darkness that posseses magicians. During her adventure, her pet Hiroshi will support her, and she will soon find her friends for help.


The game is confirmed to be a shoot 'em up game. The player controls one of four playable characters: Alice Harumi, Lorelei Akiko, Yuki Silverfield or Luize Natsumi. They are controlled in an horizontal shooter, in which they attack on the left side as enemies and obstacles start appearing from the right side to attack the heroines. Unusually for a shooter game, the screen scrolling is not forced, instead, the player is able to move about as they please, but most movements end up being up and down and on the left side.

Each heroine has also a Seasonal Gauge which can be filled more each time they hit a target. When a gauge gets completely filled, the gauge's heroine will perform an Ultimate Word move that is different for each girl. Ultimate Words perform greater damage on all enemies and obstacles, mid-bosses and bosses and can't be dodged by them.

While it's a shooter game, heroines are able to collect items throughout stages, which include Recovery Items (healing items, stat boost items, etc.), Attack Items (items used to cause damage or additional effects on enemies, mid-bosses and/or bosses) and Important Items that must be found to continue to certain stages. Between stages, there's always a location where the player can travel normally, interacting with NPCs, finding and/or buying certain items or saving the game, working similarly to a HUB.



Image Name Season Description
NewAliceHarumiMoFS Alice Harumi Spring Alice is the master of the Spring season. Alice is really confident, sweet and serious. She is able to manipulate spring-themed magic and create weapons out of magic matter. She really wants to protect her land from any wrongdoings and will do anything to accomplish it.
Lorelei Akiko Autumn Lorelei is the master of the Autumn season. She is capable of manipulating autumn tree roots and autumn-themed magic. Lorelei is actually very serious and she tries to be polite most of the time. However, when she gets angry, she can become a little... too aggressive
NewYukiSilverfieldMoFS Yuki Silverfield Winter Yuki is the master of the Winter season. She's extremely calm and shy, but also a caring girl. She is able to manipulate cold air and create icy weapons, and despises anything that is hot, which causes her to sometimes argue and even battle with Luize.
Luize Natsumi Summer Luize is the master of the Summer season. Luize is a very happy and energetic girl. She is capable of causing giant beanstalks to grow, and use them as means of attack. She can control fire magic as well. She tends to be scandalous but sometimes she shows that she's very smart when helping the other heroines during the quest.


Image Character(s) Role Description
Hiroshi Helper Hiroshi is Alice's little pet and companion. He's from the Momo species. He's a little talking cat. Hiroshi is extremely happy and playful, full of energy and always supportive. He follows Alice when the player controls her, and equips items for her and gives her them. Hiroshi is often mistaked for a girl because of his pink coloration and gets mad whenever it happens.
Mai Helper Mai is Lorelei's pet, also from the Momo species. She's a small lion. Mai is very serious, polite and likes to drink a lot of lemon tea. She gets desperate if she runs out of lemon tea. Mai often ignores Hiroshi because of his childish attitude, making him upset. Mai can show a very sweet side once in a while though, and she loves Lorelei with all her heart.
Ka-ku Helper Ka-ku is Yuki's pet. From the Momo species, he's also a tiny, talking animal. Ka-ku is a very sleepy but friendly white & cyan panda. Ka-ku likes to be silent at all costs, making most people believe he is a mute. However, he has shown to talk only to Yuki. He's very short in words though. Ka-ku likes to play with Hiroshi.
Tae Helper Tae is Luize's pet. Tae is a little dog from the Momo species. He is very talkative, intelligent and likes coffee a lot. Tae likes to hangout with Mai, as they share serious personalities. He is very overprotective with Luize and often worries too much for her.
Yamiko Villain Yamiko is the master of Darkness. She was created by one god that was actually a traitor to the other four gods who created the other girls. She was made to manipulate "regular magic powers" that ended up being dark magic. Her creation was to actually destroy Senkaihi instead of protecting it, making her the main villain of the game.

More to come...


Main article: /Enemies/

The game includes a lot of enemies from different species and such. There are a lot of monster and animal-like enemies as well as human-like ones. The main article shows a list of all enemies and their stats. (damage, health, defense, etc)



Bosses that the player encounters in the stages of Aozora.

Image Character(s) Stage Description Ability/ies
Shurelya Aozora Fields Shurelya is a spellcaster. She is a very decisive and loud person, and sometimes kind of too arrogant. Shurelya uses her spellcasts during the battle to shoot magic bullets that change of shape during their movement. Making magic to change its shape or type of attack.
Tristana Cherry Blossom Woods Tristana is an intelligent magician. While she posesses powers, she decides not to use them and rather creates her own inventions for attacks. She specializes in using her grenade shooter during battle, and uses her actual powers (magical weaponry) when it's extremely necessary. Weaponry invention, being able to create weapons out of magic.
Angel Hikari The Garden Angel Hikari is another magician that specializes in natural magic. She is extremely calm and confident and doesn't seem to care about her challenger, even after being defeated, she always tries to keep her composure Being able to manipulate brambles.

Yume's Mountains

Bosses that the player encounters in the stages of Yume's Mountains.

Image Character(s) Stage Description Ability/ies
Quinn Snow Forest Quinn is a "Kotodama" youkai, being able to summon weapons and other objects by emphasizing words. However, she seems to mostly summon bows and arrows of ice during battle. Quinn is very thoughtful and an avid analyzer. Summoning objects by emphasizing words.
Lila Cinderella's Cage Lila is a youkai with fairy wings. Lila is the gatekeeper of Cinderella's Cage, a maze in the forests of the Yume Mountains. After being posessed, Lila stops taking care of the gate and waits for anyone to get lost and beat them up. Using crystal magic.
White Owl Palace of the Frozen Ones (1st section) White Owl is a mysterious man. He is a Necromancer in a shining silver armor, who introduces himself as the White Owl and never reveals his true identity. He uses his book of spells to attack. White Owl is very polite and actually tries not to fight the heroine because he doesn't enjoy hurting girls. Controlling anything that was once living, but is now dead.
Kukiko Palace of the Frozen Ones (2nd section) Kukiko is a Jiangshi (reanimated corpse) who was once an human princess in the Palace of the Frozen Ones. She was brought back to life by White Owl, aproximately 200 years before the events of the game. Controlling cold air and ice.

Aki Falls

Image Character(s) Stage Description Ability/ies
Yuka Sakurano Valley of Red Leaves (1st section) Yuka is a a bake-danuki (tanuki youkai) that likes to wander in the forests. She often hides and plays pranks on others passing by. She usually does this by using her ability to disguise as other things. Able to disguise herself as other objects or beings.
Yūhi Valley of Red Leaves (2nd section) Yūhi is an oni that, just like Yuka, often wanders in the Red Leaves' forests, and also seems to be friends with her. He looks like a very young boy, but is actually much, much older. Possesses super-strength.
Mariabelle Valley of Red Leaves (3rd section) Mariabelle is a Bakeneko/Nekomata (cat youkai) that resides in the valley. Mariabelle is always surrounded by cats and cat-like Momo. She often plays with them and considers them her friends. Communicating with animals, especially cats.
Akeno Kishi The Goddess' Fall (1st section) Akeno is a Kappa that enjoys swimming. He is often seen swimming in the lakes of the waterfalls. Akeno likes to flirt a lot, with both girls and boys, but often fails to cause a good impression. He is actually very powerful, but is too lazy to use his full potential. Capable of manipulating water.
Aneko Kishi The Goddess' Fall (2nd section) Aneko is Akeno's older sister. She is a Kappa as well and often scolds Akeno (sometimes for no reason at all). Aneko is very mysterious, weird and intimidating, often causing those around her to become uncomfortable with her uncanniness. Capable of causing whirlpools and destructive waves.


Recovery Items

Attacking Items

Important Items

Locations and Stages

Main Article: Master of Four Seasons (Game)/Locations and Stages

  • Senkaihi (Everything is located in this place)
    • Aozora (Capital city)
      • Aozora Fields
      • Cherry Blossom Woods
      • The Garden
      • Aozora Village
    • Yume's Mountains
      • Mountain's City
      • Snow Forest
      • Cinderella's Cage
      • Palace of the Frozen Ones
    • Aki Falls
      • Valley of Red Leaves
      • The Goddess' Fall
      • Turning Leaves' Village

More to come....

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