Master Titan
Full Name Master Titan
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth When the Smash games began
Zodiac Sign none
Gender none
Species Titan
Location None
Class Final Boss
Height 16'10"
Weight 0 LBs, 0g.
Eye color Bluish-Purple
Hair color None
Master Titan is a boss character that first appeared in Super Smash Bros. 20XX; it serves as the final boss of Classic mode and will only appear if the difficulty is raised to 10.0 level (Frenzy difficulty).


A composite being, the almost-satanic Master Titan is harrowing to look at; being comprised of Master Hand, Crazy Hand and Master Core all at once makes him incredibly large. His head is literally an Orne from Kid Icarus: Uprising, just without the smaller skulls around it. The large neon-blue human brain inside the skull is Master Mind, the main brain behind Crazy Hands erattic behavior. His ribcage seems to primarily be composed of a metal material, and upon close observation is actually decorated with Smash Coins. His heart beneath that is that little rainbow ball that is Master Core, which in turn controls the swarm that makes up his otherwise-lifeless body and keeps Master and Crazy Hand in place as the Master Fists.


Each phase is very dangerous on its own, having massive power each in its own right, along with multiple attacks capable of sending fighters flying.

Master Titan The Titan as a whole, the Master Titan phase can prove to be very deadly in combat, as it attacks with it's whole body.
  • Nose meets Grindstone (Master Titan throws his skull at fighters)
  • Munch and Crunch (Master Titan grabs foes and chews them up)
  • Master Uppercut (Unleashes a powerful uppercut)
Master Fists When he takes enough damage, Master Titan is perfectly happy to detatch from his hands and let them do the talking.
  • Earthshaker Pattycakes (Master Fists repeatedly pound the edges of Final Destination, tilting it back and forth like a teeter-totter, until coming down simultaneously to straighten it out)
  • Round of Applause (Master Fists repeatedly clap up the foe)
  • Pinch 'n Flick (the left hand grabs the fighter[s] while the right one flicks them with the middle finger)
Master Cage Attacking with his ribcage? Now that's just weird!
  • Bone Swords (Master Cage uses its rib bones to repeatedly slash at foes like Master Edges)
  • Heart of Titan (Master Cage's gravitational pull drags the fighter to the center of the stage, then traps him and causes obscene amount of damage)
  • Bone Rain (Master Cage spreads out his bones and makes 6 of them fall on the stage like Crazy Hand's energy needle attack)
Master Skull Master Titan's desparate manuver with his ribcage causes his head to join the battle. I guess having a thick skull pays in this case.
  • Eye Lasers (Master Skull blasts fighters repeatedly with low-damage lasers)
  • Sonic Shriek (Master Skull lets out a powerful scream that is impossible to shield from)
  • Om Nom Nom (Master Skull unleashes a flurry of chomps on fighters)
Master Mind After enough bonebreaking blows, the skull cracks open to reveal the true culprit of Smash: Master Mind! (how did we not know this before? And doesn't he look a lot like that diamond thing from Brawl's Final Destination?)
  • Brainwaves (Master Mind unleashes powerful brainwaves, doing electrical damage)
  • Mindwipe (Master Mind uses a quick pulse to stun the fighter[s])
  • Brainstorm (Unleashes a powerful thunderstorm: the lightning causes explosive damage, the rain causes random tripping, the hail causes freezing damage, and the tornadoes can push fighters off the stage)


  • After the fight, a cutscene is revealed showing Master Core and the defeated Master Mind merging into a unique Mii Fighter with skills all its own.