Master Souless
Master Souless
Master, The Dark Souless
Gender Male
Current Status Dead
Great One's Followers
Main Weapon(s) Hidden Gate
Vulnerable To Puresoul, Diamond
First Appearance Out of Many
Latest Appearance Out of Many
Master Souless is the leader of the Souless race in Blank, where they all originate. He is classified as a "Pure Souless" because rather than being made from an existing human, he is the corrupted soul of Igne that grew a body. With Igne's body's new soul also being corrupted, Master has no human to reference back to and therefore is Pure.








  • The "Master" referenced in Out of Many was originally supposed to turn out to be The Great One in the pre-release version of the story, but became this new character.
  • It is theorized that Master Souless is the "master" because he is the only Pure one. It is unknown why he has no actual name, however.

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