Master Elec Man is a mysterious villain and the oldest creation of Dr. Light rendered as DLN-008. He usually appears in the Superstar Six series as a main antagonist, and the final boss. Like other Elec Man, he attempts to shoot Thunder Beams to clear anyone in his path.

Superstar Six

Master Elec Man appears in the Superstar Six game for the 3DS, when he succeed to steal a Hidden Crystal, which is needed for Dr. Light to repair the greatest creation, PomPom. Master Elec Man uses this to create several lasers and Thunder Beams to attack the Six. At the end of Superstar Six, Master Elec Man was taken down to Light's Laboratory to shut him off.

Superstar Six: Hidden Legends

Master Elec Man appears once again as a villain in the PC game, Superstar Six: Hidden Legends.

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