Master Coloura
Master Colora
One of the first few gaming main villians that are females
Current Age 30
Date of Birth January 15
Gender Female
Location Basic Town
Class Color
Bowser, Bowser Jr., Clawdia
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Coloura Baton
Vulnerable To Paintballs, Colorless objects, Starman
Giga Coloura, God Coloura
Master Coloura is a color-like character.


Coloura is a rainbow puzzle of a person. She has a strange straw-like hat on. She has triangle legs. She has an indigo aura at all times.


  • She got her colors permanent when she ate a skittle off the floor.
  • Part of her hair is red, and the other body part is one of her eyes... The rest of the body parts have a unique color.
  • Her physical looks make it look like she has a starman on, however she is not invincible.