This is Master Belch, the grumpy protagonist of the Master Belch series. For the similar-looking and similar-named boss who likes fly honey, see Master Belch (EarthBound)
Master Belch
The Mastah
"What will you do, Master Belch?"
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Master Hiccup (Son)
First Appearance Master Belch!
Latest Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Universe

Master Belch is a green blob with a grumpy personality.He is the star of the Master Belch series. He also has a son named Master Hiccup.


Master Belch is very gumpy but, oddly, he enjoys trying to help people. Although, he doesn't always do it well. He hates everything cute, and the only cute thing that he likes, is his son, Master Hiccup. Because of that, he hates Winter, because children make cute snowmen. But, he loves fall, when all the leaves are covering anything cute. To summarize it, Master Belch is a grumpy, green blob who dislikes cuteness.



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