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MASSES Character Tifa
Tifa Lockhart is one of the playable fighters of Masses and is available from the start.  She debuted in A Leap Through Time (2016) alongside her girlfriend Helena Harper.  She is one of eight default playables, following Athena, Centaur Man, Daroach, Gaius, Luffy, Marceline, and Silver, and has one of the largest roles in Spiritual Parade, being a main character.

Tifa is a member of the resistance group known collectively as the AVALANCHE, and a childhood friend of Cloud Strife's but lost contact with him years ago, and later convinced him to join her group to fight off the Shinra Electric Power Company.

She currently ranks at 3rd on the tier list, which is owed to her wide range of different knuckle attacks and her powerful Limit Break moves, and her overall fantastic combo game.  Her lack of real range moves though, and her somewhat poor defense, leave her easily crippled by distancing moves and powerful moves, like those from Ed.


Tifa is a close range character, utilizing her knuckles and powerful Limit Break moves to hit opponents for decent damage.  Despite her average damage output, she can combo these moves into each other and increase their overall utility.  Further more, she can juggle heavier foes, like Kefka and Ed, and finish them off first, as long as their immense power doesn't hit her first.  Her speed is also pretty good and she has average jumps, which are just good enough for an excellent aerial game.

Tifa can rack up heavy damage in no time, even with her seemingly average attacks.  Her knuckles are different in variety and can have different effects, and her most powerful ones lie in her powerful smash attacks, like the Kaiser Knuckle and the Work Glove.  Out of all the playable characters, Tifa is the only one who can be burned, poisoned, numbed, and the like...but Power Soul and Master Fist become extremely effective if she is under those conditions, especially if these are stacked.

The special moves of Tifa are practically her limit break moves, which have her slamming into her foes in moves done in quick succession, using moves such as her Waterkick and Meteor Strike to do severe damage to opponents.  Meteor Strike is also a command grab, and one of this game's very few, able to pass through shields.

In summary, Tifa is an average strength fighter with good overall speed and combo game, but a terrible defense which must be guarded wisely, considering she is a physical attacker.  With her multiple ways to set up foes and defeat them in tens of seconds, she can be one of the most devastating characters this game has to offer.


These are Tifa's basic statistics in the game.

  • Power: 6/10
  • Defense: 4/10
  • Speed: 8/10
  • Jump: 5/10
  • Weight: 5/10
  • Focus Buildup: Medium
  • Healing Speed: Medium
  • General Attack Lag: Very Low


Tifa's attacks are almost all physical, and she relies on her Knuckle attacks to break through opponents.  She can grab opponents and toss them aside and do a great deal of damage with her quick moves.  Her limit break moves can be charged up to the max to do a good amount of damage to enemies, especially to those with low defense.  As she lacks projectiles, Tifa must be careful to not get close at wrong timings, or she'll be easily punished by her opponents.  

Her signature move is the Final Heaven, a devastating attack which is a punch that releases a large energy blast, dealing very high damage and instant shield breaks, the effects of the move having a wide range.  To do this attack, one must press B, Y, X, L1 + X, L1 + Y, B, Y, X, L1 + B, A, B, Y and finally B in quick succession when Limit Charge is complete, holding the select button to indicate to the game that you are going to do that move.

Home Stages


Midgar is Tifa's default home stage, and it is the capital city and power base of the aforementioned power company. It works like it did in Super Smash Bros. 4; it's a thin stage with a few platforms, and summons can be brought upon the field to attack the other players or assist their caller.

Decisive Battle and Let the Battles Begin! are the default themes, while you can unlock One Winged Angel and the final boss theme as the alternative themes.

Battle Square

Battle Square is Tifa's unlockable home stage, and is a location found in the Golden Saucer, serving as a gauntlet for you to defeat enemies to earn prizes. On this stage, you'll battle countless opponents who will get in your way, the stage being flat fortunately so you can get around better.

All the music is a collective medley of the Final Fantasy battle themes, going from I-III, IV-VI, VII-X, and XI-XV.

Alternative Costumes

Costume effects can be turned off.
  • Cloud: Changes her clothing to more resemble Cloud's colors.  Power multiplies by 1.3x.
  • Zangan: Changes her clothing to more resemble Zangan's colors.  Power and defense multiply by 1.1x.
  • Yuffie: Changes her clothing to more resemble Yuffie's colors.  Defense weakens, but power input is stronger.
  • Monochrome: Changes her clothing to look as if she just came out of a cartoon or something.
  • Advent Children: Changes herself to look more like her Advent Children version.
  • Crisis Core: Changes herself to look more like her Crisis Core version.
  • Dirge of Cerberus: Changes herself to look more like her Dirge of Cerberus version.


  • ENTRANCE #1: Tifa drops down from above, wearing her most basic knuckles.
  • ENTRANCE #2: Tifa somersaults in, doing a quick limit charge (has no effect on gameplay)
  • UP TAUNT: Tifa does a quick few jabs at the air, winking with the eye that's pointing more towards the screen.
  • SIDE TAUNT: Tifa holds up her hand in a "come over here" motion, wiggling her finger, shrugging.
  • DOWN TAUNT: Tifa does her Limit Charge.  This is the only way to charge up her Limit Charge other than by getting hit.
  • VICTORY POSE #1: Tifa bows, shyly laughing.
  • VICTORY POSE #2: Tifa swings herself around in the form of a dance, looking with a neutral expression towards the screen.
  • VICTORY POSE #3: Tifa and Cloud pose together.
  • MUSICAL THEME: Tifa's Theme, Final Fantasy VII
  • VICTORY THEME: Remaster of the original Final Fantasy VII victory theme.


  • TBA
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