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Masses hosts the Spiritual Parade, a story mode centering on Athena and the other playable characters of Masses. It plays very much like the Adventure Mode single-player campaign from Super Smash Bros. Melee.

The Story

Athena and Helena were enjoying their time together, sitting back on a bench and overlooking the hills, but everything suddenly went pitch black, and when the light was returned to normal, Helena was being taken away by an almost invisible force! What could be seen of the force were unknown, purple scales, and ghosts from all around the world were rising up into the air. Did Hell just break loose?

Stage 1: Western Windworks Zone

Western Windworks is a short level that's supposed to allow players to adjust to the layout of the game's levels, and in particular holds very little enemies other than simple ones like Goombas, Motobugs, and the like. Some of the gimmicks featured are high speed tunnels, which when passed through make the user go at high, high speeds.

Upon completing this level, the player meets up with Daroach and Centaur Man, who silently ask what she's up to, and after revealing her goals and asking for their assistance, they agree to help her. As they speak, a ghost jumps down from above, a giant, mutated Hi-Five Ghost, who stares at them with bloodthirsty eyes.

Boss 1: Mutated Hi-Five Ghost

The defeat of the monster using the teamwork of the three playable characters strengthened their bonds together, and as they celebrated their victory, they could hear the voice of "THERE YOU ARE, IBLIS TRIGGER!", forcing the three to make a getaway as a car is tossed towards them, the three barely managing to dodge the attack.

The three eventually get out of the range of that person, and wonder who it was, but shrug it off as they head into the next area, hoping that it wouldn't be a catastrophe and that no other really weird monster would show up any time soon. The three gaze ahead and watch as more and more ghosts rise up from the distance, noticing a large ghost with a rainbow tongue.

Stage 2: Construction Mayhem Zone

Construction Mayhem is a much longer level than Western Windworks, and features a lot of speed segments, your speed being bumped up high by the speed ramps and boosters held almost everywhere in the level. While there are no enemies, unlike Western Windworks, some parts of the level fall apart quickly, meaning you must make quick decisions in the parts that are falling apart.

Clearing this level has the player meet up with Tifa Lockhart, who Athena decides to tell her about what's happening, and upon hearing the good bits of it and how well the three have been functioning as a team so far, joins up with them. Nothing malicious seems to be around, so the three head off to take on the next area, Athena hoping to find Helena and find out the whereabouts of these odd ghosts.

Stage 3: City Blitz Zone

City Blitz is less focused on speed, despite the Blitz part of its name, and features enemies and the like for the players to battle, taking advantage of the fighting mechanics present in the game. You fight in the streets and on the roads, and the objective is to make it to the end. Some parts of the city stop you in smaller arenas of the town where you have to defeat everything to move on.

On clearing this level, the team finds themselves in a corner, trapped by the likes of a purple scaled alien, who turns visible, revealing himself as Randall. Athena questions him where Helena is, but shrugs and leaves the arena, dropping a seed, which breaks the ground and leads everyone into the sewers, the seed going into the water and sprouting as Naval Piranha.

Boss 2: Naval Piranha

Naval Piranha has been slain by the four heroes, all four of them celebrating as the beast turns to dust and disappears from existence.  The four advance forward, walking away from the mess, now seeking out Randall, the cause of the ghosts, which they continue to see rise, a few of them passing overhead now.  Suddenly, they're stopped by a sudden force, being taken aback to see a ninja and a vampire and kid with a straw hat come their way, the latter two looking glum.  The three engage the current heroes in a boss fight.

Boss 3: Gaius, Marceline and Luffy

After their defeat, Gaius retreats, dragging Marceline with him, leaving Luffy at the mercy of the heroes.  After a bit of persuasion, Luffy joins the crew, and the five begin traveling to the next stage: something that looks like a factory.  As Athena stepped through the door, she heard the same shouting voice from earlier.  "I FINALLY FOUND YOU AGAIN, IBLIS TRIGGER!"

Stage 4: Food Factory Zone

Food Factory is more slow paced than the other levels and focuses more on combat, and features the heroes going through holes in the walls, on conveyer belts, and the like, although they must avoid a white telekinetic hedgehog that follows them around, tossing cars and junk from the factory towards them, and disgusting foods in an attempt to get rid of the supposed Iblis Trigger.

The five reach a dead end and are cornered by the hedgehog, who names himself Silver, and prepares to destroy the heroes when Luffy stretches an arm out and grabs Silver, hurling him towards the wall, allowing the five to escape his grip.  They're not safe for long though, as a G.U.N. modelled robot by the name of Hot Shot descends in front of them, alongside "brother" Flying Dog.

Boss 4: Hot Shot and Flying Dog

Following the robots' defeat, Silver catches them off guard and tosses them into a portal, which converts them to a small size...and they land in a whole bunch of popcorn chicken.  It was weird, Athena thought, but wondered what Silver was going to do, but looked up in horror as Silver was going to eat the popcorn chicken.

Stage 5: Popcorn Chicken Zone

Popcorn Chicken Zone is pretty odd.  In it, you jump on chicken nuggets as if they were trampolines, eat through the pieces to find shortcuts, and swim in ketchup and ride on fries as if they were rails.  As you go, Silver attempts to consume you, so don't stay on these pieces of food for too long, as delicious as they may be to you!

The five escape Silver and reach back through the portal, converting to regular size and pushing Silver over, leaving the factory, looking up at the skies in horror as the ghosts littered the skies.  By coincidence, they bump into Gaius and Marceline, who turn and stare at the heroes, thinking they were going to be beaten again.  Athena nods her head at Marceline and holds out a hand, to which she takes, gaining her trust.  How does trust happen so fast?  I don't know.  Gaius escapes, thinking he was going to be beaten.

The team of six was pretty large already, but they figured that the more that fight the ghosts and Randall, the better.  They all walked off into the distance, ready to kick some ghostly butt, Athena ready to regain her girlfriend.  Why won't the pain end already?

Stage 6: Melancholy Graveyard

Melancholy Graveyard is a long level with many ghosts attacking the players, especially those from the skies, so remain low if possible.  Higher routes offer goods, lower routes are just generally safer to pass through.  Beware sudden fallnig obstacles...they can really crush your chances of moving on forward in the game.  You can pick up tree trunks and swing them around as weapons.

At last, the six were beginning to near somewhere, noticing a tall fortress in the background with ghosts coming out of it.  Athena bit her lip and was going to walk move forward when a giant ghost suddenly dropped down from above.  Starring up at it, she found that she was encountering none other than the King Boom Boo.

Boss 5: King Boom Boo

King Boom Boo was slain by the six easily, Gaius having watched from the shadows and realizing that they were, in actuality, the good guys, judging by the aggressiveness King Boom Boo held towards them and noticing that Luffy and Marceline were actually helping them. He sighed and ran over to the group and begged to join, turning around and pushing the gang away from a sudden flying car, looking into the eyes of a tattered and torn Silver the hedgehog.

The seven ran away as a group, even though the group didn't particularly accept Gaius, they had no time to reply yes or no as Silver was hot on their trail. They headed up a rocky mountain, hoping to escape Silver and battle off some ghosts as they traveled. They are almost stopped by Randall, who appears in front of them, now being trapped between the two.

Stage 7: Choco Falls

Choco Falls is the seventh level and isn't very lengthy, but you must move carefully or you'll get smashed to pieces by Silver or Randall, and you must defeat them both before you reach the end of the stage, which is a dead end. In the meanwhile, you must cross the breaking bridges, cross dangerous gaps, and avoid falling boulders.

The crew eventually take down Silver, who gives in after Randall reveals his plot to have the ghosts take over the world, and knowing that the ghosts were bad, he took Athena's side, much to Randall's disgust, him running away from the heroes and dropping off Ed, who acted really weird in their opinion, but looked pretty trustable because he looked too dumb to play bad.

As the group of nine walked forward to enter the fortress, Randall smiled and pressed a button, forming a shield around the fortress, daring the heroes to get inside and prepare to fight him. The heroes stared at each other, looking quite stuck, but Silver held his power on the barrier and began trying to tear a hole through it. Realizing that it wasn't perfect, the crew began trying to break through the shield, and Randall, noticing their success, added as many shields as possible...

Stage 8: Shield Assault

Shield Assault is a short level which has you breaking through the shields of the castle. You need to shoot at it, charge at the shield, and break through to the end. Imagine the giant gooey boss fight from Yoshi's Island 5-4...if you don't break through to the end, you'll find yourself dead sooner or later. In the midst of this, Randall will fire various missiles at the players from his castle and send out quick waves of lava.

After the shields are broken through, Randall looks quite disgusted, and slams himself in his castle, sending out the Soul Ripper, which looks like a metallic Burger King, to defeat the players, laughing as it looks quite prepared.

Boss 6: The Soul Ripper

Following the defeat of the Soul Ripper robot, Randall grows enraged and pulls up the drawbridge to his fortress, but the others have ran to it and found themselves sliding in before the reptile even noticed. The nine sighed to themselves...they're now where the ghosts are emerging from. Gaius pointed the way, knowing the castle now by heart...

Stage 9: Magma Castle

Magma Castle is a long maze like level with many switches and pulleys, and plenty of trapdoors. Many enemies reside here, including generic Mario enemies like Dry Bones and Thwomps, and there are many parts of the castle that overflow with lava. Watch your step! You must get out of the area in less than fifteen minutes...utilize the abilities of everyone in your team!

After making it through the castle, the player finds themselves trapped in a cell, Gaius panicking that he led the team into his own prison cell, thinking it was Randall's room. Randall snuck up from behind and laughed, claiming that they had no chance of stopping them now, and left a bunch of rattlesnakes on the floor to try and defeat them.

Stage 10: Cell Break

Cell Break is another short stage, you must attempt to break out of the prison with all nine of your characters, whilst taking on the snakes and throwing them out. Closer to the last minutes of the stage, Endal will try crushing the walls of the prison into you, so do your job fast or suffer the consequences!

After the walls are broken, Randall prepares to face off against all of them, Athena holding her friends back as she prepares to fight Randall, one on one, ready to defeat him and put him out of his misery.

Boss 7: Randall

After Randall is defeated, he drops on the floor, looking dead, the team having a temporary cheer when the castle begins falling apart. The roof is torn up, and a giant Burger King stares down at them, eyes flashing. The team panics and runs away from the mass, storming down the halls to escape his wrath...

Stage 11: The Giga Escape

The Giga Escape is pretty much Magma Castle, but you run down its underground sections and attempt to take cover from the massive attacks from the Burger King. You can play as any of the nine characters you have to escape, although Ed controls weirdly. Once you make it outside, you'll pass the level.

Once you make it to the end, Ed confesses his alignment with Kefka, but you have no idea what he's really talking about as the Burger King catches up. As he's no longer surrounded by the castle and you're on clear grounds, you can attempt to climb up the giant robot and get inside him...what lies within?

Stage 12: Whopper Way

This final level takes advantage of all your skills including your balance, your fighting talents, and the like. Climb up the mechanical Burger King and avoid its attacks and get inside it...then you'll be going through a mechanical fortress filled with sharp saw blades, lasers, and the like, with many mechanical Burger Kings inside it ready to smash you apart. Reach the center core.

After they reach the very core of the beast, Ed will betray you and attempt to fight you, apparently in an effort to protect you from what's upcoming, but he'll be shoved out of the way, revealing Kefka, who has been held in containment here, with the real Burger King as his slave. Oops. And there's Helena - dangling from the ceiling, apple in mouth!

Final Boss: Kefka

After Kefka is defeated, everything explodes, and everyone but Kefka escape the giant Burger King, it exploding and sending everyone blasting off, all of them holding each other's hands and floating in a circle, descending back to their homes.

"Wait, what were the ghosts about again?" asked Athena.

Everyone laughed, the ghosts apparently didn't mean anything. Eh, oh well. Athena knows that she got Helena back, and told everyone else to take on the ghosts as she forced herself down with her girlfriend, descending back into their home.

Athena and Helena shared a kiss. What a joy it is to be together again! Everyone else is shown fighting the ghosts, exterminating them and sucking them back into the graveyards.

The End?...


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