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Masses has a Partners system (known collectively as the Howdy Partners Buckaroos), usable in the TEAMS and PARTNERS modes. The player can freely choose what partner to assign to their character and use them in battle. They don't really have many customizable options or movesets, but otherwise function like playable characters, just with lower stats.

There are twelve overall partners, matching the amount of playable characters.




MASSES Partner Cosmo
Cosmo is one of the eight default partners you could have at your side in the game, hailing from the Fairly OddParents television show as one of its main original protagonists, alongside Timmy and his wife Wanda. He is known for being rather...dumb, often creating catastrophes with his powers, which he handles poorly, often requiring his intelligent wife to try and fix things as well as Timmy himself. However, he does not bear ill will towards anyone in particular and just tries to do what he can.

Cosmo's specialty, obviously lies in his magic powers, as he is a fairy. His magic is random and unorthodox, and you can expect him to summon things like stinky cheese or cans...which don't particularly help you very much. You can, however, pick up what he drops and toss them at opponents. Cosmo is very light and is knocked back a lot by opponents, but he has a surprisingly high amount of health thanks to his status as a fairy, meaning that he takes way less than mortals.

Cosmo's taunts consist of him saying randomly stupid things from across his series. Pressing the up taunt makes him actually do a taunt. Use the side taunt to make him say something stupid. Use the down taunt to make him say something about Wanda (good or bad).

Gon Gon

MASSES Partner GonGon
Gon Gon is one of the eight default partners you could have at your side in the game, hailing from the Super Monkey Ball franchise as the sole new playable introduced in the first console game of the series, also titled Super Monkey Ball. He is known for his brute strength and for his brawn, having even been considered a rival for Aiai, although eventually befriended them and became a large part of their crew. Much like the others monkeys in the group, Gon Gon has a big love for the bananas fruit.

Gon Gon is a heavy fighter who uses his fists to quickly strike down opponents, rolling in a ball with great defense to smash opponents apart. In this ball, Gon Gon can also jump, but his jump is difficult to control and he can't particularly do aerial attacks anyway. He can smash himself with a golf ball to propel himself forward at high speeds, use an extended boxing glove to attack from a distance, or eat bananas to restore his health, although they can be stolen to heal the other opponents or his partner.

Gon Gon can tilt the stage too slightly, which can bring the tides to his favor...or against his will.


MASSES Partner Jimmy
Jimmy Neutron is one of the eight default partners you could have at your side in the game, hailing from the Adventures of Jimmy Neutral: Boy Genius television show as its main protagonist. Jimmy Neutron is noted for his high intellect and his accidental deeds of mischief in Retroville thanks to how some of his projects go wrong, and how he has to put up with the villains of the city who fail again and again to do full on evil.

Jimmy Neutron attacks on the battlefield with his scientific experiments, going into a bubble to defend himself or using Goddard to chomp down on foes. Jimmy is notably the weakest character in the game, certain combinations of attacks knocking him out at full health, but in return, some of his inventions can trap opponents and leave them very vulnerable to attacks, or just deal high damage to them.

Jimmy can summon Sheen and Carl to battle although they do nothing other than be annoying. However, they can be rather comical when he taunts, and some of the best conversations of the game open up in a Star Fox style. This is used as a way to get the characters to talk about each other.


MASSES Partner Krusty
Krusty is one of the eight default partners you could have at your side in the game, hailing from the Simpsons franchise as one of its important characters. He is the cynical, burnt-out and addiction-riddled host of his self titled show; The Krusty the Clown Show. Krusty has high health problems and, despite his "cheer" on the stage, has several negative traits when off stage and can be a potentially dangerous person to be around.

Krusty doesn't really attack by himself, rather, he has Itchy and Scratchy to help him out in battle, and as a trio, they attack with the several weapons displayed from across the media that Krusty the Clown is part of. They can deal obscene damage really quickly, although Krusty has low health and Itchy and Scratch can be finished off by something with the value of a Warlock Punch.

Krusty the Clown can summon Bart Simpson, who gives him (sarcasm-filled) advice about each of the characters he goes up against, even a clone of himself.


MASSES Partner Pac Man
Pac-Man is one of the eight default partners you could have at your side in the game, hailing from the Pac-Man series of games, the first being seen in arcades by 1980. He's a generally silent protagonist who is older than the likes of Mario and Donkey Kong, and is therefore one of the oldest icons in the gaming world. As his game was also hugely successful, and plenty of the games that followed, he is widely recognized as one of the largest icons in the industry. Nowadays, Pac-Man can relate to Mega Man because their stuff isn't really going anywhere anymore.

Pac-Man plays a lot like he did in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, utilizing cherries and other fruits to rack up damage to opponents, tossing dots to follow after them whilst chomping up opponents, and using a fire hydrant as a great spacing tool, the hydrant itself could be a great projectile even. Pac-Man is rather unpredictable with his other moves, so one must be careful when playing against him, for he can definitely throw you off.

Before battle, you can decide if she should be the newest Pac-Man, the old Pac-Man, or other alternative universe Pac-Mans. Choose the Pac-Man you like the best!


MASSES Partner Paula
Paula is one of the eight default partners you could have at your side in the game, hailing from the Mother/EarthBound franchise as one of its four playable characters, alongside Ness, Jeff, and Poo. Like Ness and Poo, she is capable of using PSI powers, specifically Fire, Freeze and Thunder, although she can only receive the strongest forms of the first two. She also has low health, but a great offense output.

Paula is pretty light, but her attacks are deadly to cross. Her fire attacks can scorch the opponents heavily and leave them badly burned, and her freeze attacks can solidify opponents for some time if they crash. Her thunder attack is rather unreliable as it hits in random places, but if it hits, it deals high damage. However, she is very, very easy to defeat due to her absurdly low defense, and attacks with enough power can put her out even if she has 60% of her health intact. She can attempt to recover, however, before she falls.

She runs on the Earthbound scrolling health system - she has few health, but if she attempts to recover before death, she can potentially save her life. Paula has limited supplies of recovery though, so once it's all used up, she can't save herself from fatal damage.


MASSES Partner Scout
Scout is one of the eight default partners you could have at your side in the game, hailing from Team Fortress 2 as one of its nine classes. He's a snarky American scrapper with the typical "in-your-face" attitude, being very fast and excellent at clearing objectives nice and quick. Notably, he can get in at enemies, sap away at their health, and back away before they're even noticed, their high speed being very important on the battlefield. Alongside the Pyro and the Soldier, he is one of the offense classes.

The Scout is just as fast as he was in Team Fortress 2, meaning he's one of the game's fastest characters. Weapons like the Scattergun are very effective at sapping away at opponents' health, as they don't do any knockback and can be spammed quickly. It is easy to tell when the Scout fires because he's a very noisy partner and talks before he fires, but if you're a heavyweight who's easy to get knocked around, you're definitely out of luck as the Scout can whittle you down as his master pushes you down. He himself is lightweight and has rather below average health...

You can choose between red Scout or blue Scout, and either's taunts will be different from the other Scout. This is a really good and professional way to make your opponents mad.


MASSES Partner Undyne
Undyne is one of the eight default partners you could have at your side in the game, hailing from Undertale as one of its main characters, being a major protagonist or a major obstacle, depending on if the player is following Pacifist or Genocide. Undyne is a strong willed warrior who is just about merciless to her foes, and often does actions without thinking them through first. She can be quite known for her competitive spirit.

Undyne has some rather basic attacks in the game, often utilizing her several spears to attack, although where they show up and how fast they go is determined by the player. Her spears cannot pierce shields however, so she needs her partner to break through them so she can find openings with her spears. Otherwise, she can just do punches and kicks, although in comparison to her spears, they're actually very, very weak.

Undyne can transform into her Undying form when at low health making her much more powerful and rendering her spears able to pierce shields. If this form is defeated though, she's down for the count for the round.



MASSES Partner Hagar
Hagar is one of the four unlockable partners you could have at your side in the game, hailing from the Hagar the Horrbile comic as its main protagonist and hero, being the subject of most of the comic's strips. He is a sloven and overfed Viking with the same problems as your average modern suburbanite. He is well acknowledged for his simple, child like cluelessness, and is rarely ever considered "mature" by any means, surprising those who doubt his maturity when it happens to show up.

Hagar, at first, looks like nothing more than a bumbling idiot in combat, but despite his slowness and heavy body, is a huge threat up close; his punches and body slams are about as powerful as attacks from Ganondorf in a Smash game. He can also drink wine to become more powerful, although even slower than before. With Hagar, avoiding attacks is almost impossible, so you'll need to stomach the assaults with his absurdly high defense and counter with your immense, brute strength.


MASSES Partner Leah
Leah is one of the four unlockable partners you could have at your side in the game, hailing from the Fantendoverse as one of its most recognizable characters, right up there with even the likes of Unten. A crazed doctor who apparently collects organs (nuts, right) and does only things if they benefit her or X-Ray, Leah is definitely not you'd particularly want to mess with. She's mostly collected and calm, so if you're talking to her, try not to anger her.

Leah is a lightweight character who utilizes needles and hospital equipment to attack her opponents, using syringes and bonesaws as well to mix it up. Creepily, she can also warp her body to use strange attacks, like tossing chunks of dead flesh at opponents. She can also inject poison into her opponents and make them suffer health damage over time. Overall, she's pretty powerful, but has a low defense that can be torn through and as such it's almost always required that she keeps her distance in battle, or she'll fall easily.

And if she falls, that'd be one shattered victory. Am I right?


MASSES Partner Mai
Mai is one of the four unlockable partners you could have at your side in the game, hailing from the King of Fighters / Fatal Fury series as one of the game's playable fighters. A cheery and temperamental lady that can sometimes come off as vain, she's a powerful fighter that, at the same time, is a traditional and ideal Japanese beauty. She is in infatuation with Andy, however, and her pride can sometimes prevent her from fitting that beauty mold all the time.

Mai uses pyrokinesis and uses it at will, although is not invincible to fire and can only control the flames she herself has created. She can float and glide in the air, and use her aerial control to back away from enemies and attack from there, laughing metaphorically at enemies who are stuck to the ground. She can also pull weapons out from her clothes and cleavage, and can carry a fan, an umbrella, or even a larger fan she can use against opponents.

Mai controls very much like you would control normally in a King of Fighters game, so she plays differently from anyone else.


MASSES Partner Peacock
Peacock is one of the four unlockable partners you could have at your side in the game, hailing from the Skullgirls game as one of the game's playable fighters. Peacock is a heavy believer in imaginary friends and watches many cartoons, and as such has many child like traits, although has the large contrast of smoking imaginary cigars and enjoys many explosive things, like bombs. Because of her cronies and her unorthodox fighting style, she can be difficult to take down.

Peacock uses her gang at will to damage opponents fast, both bomb members (George and Lenny) dealing high damage and Tommy Ten-Tons is a powerful burying tool, being one of the few attacks that can bury foes. Avery is the biggest asset of them though, dropping weapons for Peacock to use (or her partner) to deal high damage to foes, or he can use those weapons himself to make it a multi hitting situation. Peacock herself can deal lots of damage with her massive hands or high number of projectiles, making it a rough and difficult battle that opponents can rarely keep up with.


  • The partners system is inspired by the boss battles featured in Super Smash Bros. 4, some of which could join you as allies that you couldn't play as.
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