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MASSES Character Marceline
Marceline is one of the playable fighters of Masses and is available from the start.  She debuted in Adventure Time (2010) in the episode Evicted!.  She is one of eight default playables, following Athena, Centaur Man, Daroach, Gaius, Luffy, Silver, and Tifa, and has a small role in Spiritual Parade, being a bounty hunter against her own will.

Marceline is a half human, half demon as well as vampire who very slightly exceeds a thousand years old, originally being shown as an antagonistic character before befriending the protagonists acknowledged as Finn and Jake. She is different from most vampires in various ways, eating off of shades of red (like, the red of apples) instead of traditional blood.

She currently ranks at 8th on the tier list, mostly thanks to her supernatural abilities giving her a bunch of advantages in battle, and her high speed. She is also not too floaty and withstand quite some damage before being knocked back considerable distances. However, her weak spot is her predictability, and her lack of combos outside her normal moves.


Marceline is a tactical character whom relies on a lot of her techniques, like her soul absorbing and red draining abilities to heal herself while dishing out damage effectively, hardly being able to do much under normal circumstances. Her high speed renders her quick and difficult to hit, and even if she's hit, she doesn't take too much damage, in sharp contrast to the other quick characters while often have way low defense. Her low power means that she needs to focus on when to strike her opponents and get away when openings are closed.

Marceline's transformations make her very, very predictable, no matter which one the player chooses as her custom. However, all of these transformations have high advantages and hardly any disadvantages besides predictability, and they hit hard. She can also use her bass playing to lull opponents to sleep and use the ability to take away red to heal her body.

Marceline's special moves are based on her minor uses of pyrokinesis, telekinesis, and necromancy. They're all kind of tricky to land, but totally pay off if they land, for they can stun the opponent in place and allow Marceline to get a bunch of free hits in, and even attack with a transformation attack, as there's enough hitstun in her attacks (especially telekinesis) to let it happen.

In summary, Marceline is weak, but she has a bunch of other options to get around her low power to deal massive damage output, and while she can be predictable, playing around with her abilities and faking out her foes is key for those who wish to main her. Mastering the abilities and effects of her transformations renders the player's chances of winning quite strong.


These are Marceline's basic statistics in the game.

  • Power: 3/10
  • Defense: 6/10
  • Speed: 10/10
  • Jump: 7/10
  • Weight: 4/10
  • Focus Buildup: Very High
  • Healing Speed: Very Fast
  • General Attack Lag: Low


Marceline's attacks, besides transformations, use her limbs to attack, especially her arms. If she isn't using her transformations, that's usually what she has to reside to, unless one wishes to use her hair as a long ranged physical attack or drain red from opponents to heal herself whilst damaging them. Additionally, Marceline can play the bass to make opponents fall asleep immediately, rendering them open to many attacks, although the rest move is difficult to land.

Marceline's signature move is the Red Flash, which turns everything red for a second, allowing her to absorb red from around to heal herself quickly. Opponents turned red can get their health sapped very quickly if they aren't cautious...

Home Stages

Marceline's House

Marceline's House is Marceline's obvious default home stage, and it is one of her owned areas in the Adventure Time show. You can fight in the kitchen and living rooms of the house. Occasionally, Schwabl will appear on the stage and attack anyone who isn't Marceline - and if Marceline is not on the playing field, she will be seen teleporting throughout the house.

Candy Kingdom

Candy Kingdom is the unlockable home stage of Marceline, and ironically it belongs to Princess Bubblegum. It is a very large stage with breakable structures that can be torn apart to be eaten for health, or tossed at opponents to damage them.

Alternative Costumes

Costume effects can be turned off.
  • Blue: Marceline's clothing changes to more resemble Finn's.
  • Pink: Marceline's clothing changes to more resemble Princess Bubblegum.
  • Evicted: Marceline wears her outfit from Henchman. No real changes.
  • Nightosphere: Marceline wears her outfit from It Came from the Nightosphere. She is slightly faster.
  • Lizard: Marceline becomes her lizard form. A bit more power, a bit less speed.
  • Young: Marceline becomes her younger self. Has a smaller hurtbox.
  • Farmworld: Marceline becomes her...Farmworld form. Way more powerful, but a cost in speed and jump.


  • ENTRANCE #1: Marceline descends from above, holding her Ax Bass in hand.
  • ENTRANCE #2: Marceline flies in, getting into a fighting pose?...
  • UP TAUNT: Marceline spins around, transforming into her giant monster form as intimidating.
  • SIDE TAUNT: Marceline plays on her ax bass, singing any of her various songs from across Adventure Time. The song can be fully played, and the player can stop the attack any time.
  • DOWN TAUNT: Marceline smiles and flips around in the air.
  • VICTORY POSE #1: Marceline tosses her bass into the air, catching it, doing a shred.
  • VICTORY POSE #2: Marceline spins in place, turning into her bat monster form and lashing out towards the screen.
  • VICTORY POSE #3: Marceline does a few quick shreds on her guitar.
  • MUSICAL THEME: A medley of Marceline's songs up through season seven.
  • VICTORY THEME: An orchestrated version of Breakfast Song.


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