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MASSES Character Luffy
Luffy is one of the playable fighters of Masses and is available from the start.  He debuted in One Piece (1997) as its main protagonist, seeking out the ultimate treasure "One Piece" in order to become the next King of the Pirates.  He is one of eight default playables, following Athena, Centaur Man, Daroach, Gaius, Marceline, Silver, and Tifa, and plays as a minor character in Spiritual Parade, seeking out the Straw Hat Pirates after being separated from them.

A carefree and happy-go-lucky character with a very strong appetite that will remind you of Kirby, Luffy's fighting style sure differs from that, having a massive array of abilities at hand, especially his rubbery limbs, which he can extend far past normal capacities of human beings to attack from distances away. He can also activate Gear Second and Gear Third and become a massive weapon of mass destruction real quick, his obscene speed able to take down foes. As captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, you have to admire that power.

He currently ranks at 4th on the tier list, which is owed to his long range attacks, huge hitboxes with his moves, and his overall power, which makes him very strong, but his low weight and lack of projectiles hinders him, and it's tough to sweetspot such long moves.


Luffy is a bruiser character, slamming at opponents with his massive and powerful arms, moving around with his agile body to punish foes at the right times, using his arms to grab them and launch them away, able to bury and burn opponents with some of his moves. Most of his moves have high knockout power, and can hit harder than most characters in the game, only being outmatched by the Burger King and Kefka.

Luffy's attacks reach very long distances, and while he does lack a projectile to help him in combat, he makes up with it with his rubbery arms, which can extend a large distance. While most of his power is exerted when he hits close, he can still deal reasonable damage from far away. When he enters Gears Second and Third, his attack power is way buffed and his attacks get additional elements set to them.

Luffy's special moves make use of his Busoshoku Haki to harden his body and hit harder, which can be used in combination with Gear Second to brutally smash down opponents. His hardened body makes him heavier and adds extra defense to his already good durability.

In summary, Luffy is real strong, quite fast, and has quite a bit durability in his defense, but his low weight and his lack of control makes him difficult to manage, and because of his long attacks, it's hard to exactly sweetspot with them. His ability to enter Gear Second and Third makes him strong though, and adds variety to what he can do, making up for his lack of projectile alongside his outstanding range.


These are Luffy's basic statistics in the game.

  • Power: 9/10
  • Defense: 6/10
  • Speed: 7/10
  • Jump: 5/10
  • Weight: 3/10
  • Focus Buildup: High
  • Healing Speed: Moderate
  • General Attack Lag: High


Luffy's attacks, again, lie mostly in his rubber body, using his highly stretchable arms and legs to attack from a distance away. Furthermore, his usage of Gear Second and Gear Third allow him to hit bizarrely hard and extend the range and size of his body bits, respectively, making him take up good bits of the screen.

Luffy's signature move is him shifting into Gear Fourth, which inflates his muscular structure to make him hit hard, and has him bouncing on the spot. He can smash very, very hard with his body, and this power is so overwhelming that no other character has an attack that can deal more damage, able to knock out anyone with a weight of below 5/10.

Home Stages

Foosha Village

Foosha Village is Luffy's default home stage, and it is where the story of One Piece starts from. It's a rather flat stage for the most part, but members of the village can attack the players. Additionally, the stage scrolls, and you'll come across little hills. Will they be advantageous? Probably not.

Openings of seasons one to six play in a medley here; the Japanese versions. You can unlock the English versions.

Ryugu Kingdom

Ryugu Kingdom is Luffy's unlockable home stage, and it is a country that King Neptune rules over. It's a rather bumpy stage with many hazards and many places to go into, like the seashell shaped houses and you can hide under the ridges. Be careful though, you can be trapped in bubbles and be left open to attacks!

Openings of seasons seven to present play in a medley here; the Japanese versions. You can unlock the English versions.

Alternative Costumes

Costume effects can be turned off.
  • Yellow: Luffy's clothes become yellow. Higher statistics all around, besides weight which decreases.
  • Green: Luffy's clothes become green. Higher defense and weight, but lower jump and attack power.
  • Blue: Luffy's clothes become blue. Higher power output and jump, but defense and weight decrease.
  • Black: Luffy's clothes become black. Lower statistics all around, but high heal rate and much lower attack lag.
  • Yassop: Luffy's clothes more resemble Yassop.
  • Sanji: Luffy's clothes more resemble Sanji.
  • Shanks: Luffy's clothes more resemble Shanks.


  • ENTRANCE #1: Luffy rides on his ship onto the stage, twisting his hat.
  • ENTRANCE #2: Luffy extends his hands towards the stage, stomping down onto it.
  • UP TAUNT: Luffy balances meat in his arms, shaking them up in the air and chewing down the meat. Recovers some health.
  • SIDE TAUNT: Luffy dances in place, shaking his body, intimidating opponents.
  • DOWN TAUNT: Luffy spins around, making an annoying gesture to intimidate foes.
  • VICTORY POSE #1: Luffy swings his arms and legs around, making a victory cry.
  • VICTORY POSE #2: Luffy shoots his fist into the air, the fist having been enlarged significantly.
  • VICTORY POSE #3: Luffy preforms a series of punches, ending with a single punch with his right fist whilst facing the screen.
  • MUSICAL THEME: A collective medley of each seasonal opening, straightened out into a medley, in Japanese.
  • VICTORY THEME: A sample of the season one opening theme.


  • TBA
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