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MASSES Character Kefka
Kefka is one of the playable fighters of Masses and is a hidden fighter.  He debuted in Final Fantasy (1994) as its main antagonist, being the prototype to the Magitek Knights.  He is one of four unlockable playables, following the Burger King, Ed, and Randall, and is the superboss of Spiritual Parade.

Kefka is different from the preceding antagonists of his series; while they were ruthless and bent on accomplishing their goals, Kefka was different via being destructive, loud, maniacal, and even short-tempered. His one liners and his whooping cackle define him quite well, and help separate him from the other antagonists. Strangely, with all of this, he actually plays with dolls. Kinda weird.

He currently ranks at 11th on the tier list, having dangerous power at hand, powerful magic skills, and a real strong defense, although his large hurtbox and slow speed hinder him immensely. His usage of Trine and his elemental attacks can make him very challenging to battle.


Kefka, despite his immense power, is a tactician character, using his various attack types to attack from either up close or from a distance away, specializing in both physical offense and special offense so it doesn't particularly matter, leaving him various ways to slam down his opponents. His power is so great even that he's right up there with the Burger King for being the game's strongest. One must be careful though, for his slow speed and low jump mean that he must be used wisely.

Kefka can use various strong punches, able to fill them up with elemental magic to increase their effects, able to burn or even freeze with a few of them. However, his offense is arguably better in his magic, Firaga, Thundaga, and Blizzaga dealing high damage each, causing burn, paralysis, and frozen status effects respectively. If the player wishes to deal damage close up, utilizing the Havoc Wing is the best move.

Kefka's special moves are all about his other abilities, including Meteor, which ignores defense uniquely, Revenger removes extra status aliments from opponents, and HyperDrive just deals insane damage, and Ultima is a strong physical attack that can knock most partners out in one hit if they're not cautious.

In summary, Kefka is very powerful, and has god-like power and defense, making him hard to tear though. However, he does have his faults, he cannot jump over any opponent, his speed is abysmal, and while his high weight is a good thing so he can't be knocked away from foes, it insults his pathetic jump height even more. Players must not be reckless with Kefka and try to be accurate with his attacks and defense, or they will be punished thanks to his very high attack lag.


These are Kefka's basic statistics in the game.

  • Power: 10/10
  • Defense: 8/10
  • Speed: 2/10
  • Jump: 1/10
  • Weight: 9/10
  • Focus Buildup: Extremely Low
  • Healing Speed: Very Low
  • General Attack Lag: Extremely High


Kefka's attacks are all either brutally powerful physical moves or bound-shattering magic, and he can attack from up close or far away, making him a very dangerous opponent to fight. His slow speed means that he can't attack up close very often, although they're his most damaging moves, but his magic can do a lot of damage as well and is about as effective. Most of his attacks come with effects, too, some coming with fire, some coming with freeze...

Kefka's signature move is the Heartless Angel, a move which lowers all opponents' health to just 1HP, but it comes with such immense lag that opponents can rack up a bunch of damage and potentially finish him off...use it only when you're sure his health is high, and because of his high hurtbox, you'll need to keep opponents away so you can have time to get up to just enough health. If you survive the beating and are able to attack, you're almost guaranteed to finish off the opponent.

Home Stages

Kefka's Tower

Kefka's Tower is Kefka's default home stage, and it's the monument of destruction, and is the symbol of Kefka's intense power. It's a vertically scrolling level, whereas you travel up it and avoid the strong enemies it possesses, including dragons like the Primeval Dragon and the Great Behemoth.

Last Dungeon and The Fanatics play on this stage by default, while Dancing Mad and The Crying Clown are unlockable. Oddly, the former of the unlockable themes plays when you fight Kefka on this stage before you even unlock the theme itself.


Narshe is Kefka's unlockable home stage, and is mostly a flat level with just enemies you can fight, although if you reach the left and right ends of the stage, there are buildings you can stand on. Occasionally the entrance to the mines will open up for you to go into - where more enemies await you.

The Mines of Narshe and Dark World play by default, while metal remixes of both can be played upon being unlocked.

Alternative Costumes

Costume effects can be turned off. It doesn't matter as all of Kefka's costumes are the same, though.
  • Chaos: Kefka's clothing changes colors to more resemble Chaos, being generally faster and having less lag in attacks, but is less powerful.
  • Emperor Mateus: Kefka's clothing changes colors to more resemble Emperor Mateus, having less of every stat but having much lower attack lag.
  • Cloud of Darkness: Kefka's clothing changes colors to more resemble Cloud of Darkness, having the most amount of power possible out of his costumes but has even higher attack lag and weight.
  • Zeromus: Kefka's clothing changes colors to more resemble Zeromus, having much more speed and way less ending lag but has less power and defense as a result.
  • Neo Exdeath: Kefka's clothing changes colors to more resemble Neo Exdeath, being even higher in power but having even more weight.
  • Sephiroth: Kefka's clothing changes colors to more resemble Sephiroth, being higher in speed but having lower weight.
  • Ultimecia: Kefka's clothing changes colors to more resemble Ultimecia, having overall somewhat higher stats of everything...including more lag.


  • ENTRANCE #1: Kefka descends onto the battlefield, making his high pitched whoop.
  • ENTRANCE #2: Kefka teleports onto the stage, laughing as he holds out his hands, muttering "Oh wanna fight me?! This is just dreadful!"
  • UP TAUNT: Kefka scoffs and utters out "Mercy is for wimps!"
  • SIDE TAUNT: Kefka holds out his arms, preparing magic (which can be used as an attack), saying "How 'bout a little Magitek mayhem?"
  • DOWN TAUNT: Kefka makes an intimidating pose, crossing his arms and spreading out his legs, mischievously smiling.
  • VICTORY POSE #1: "The end draws near..." he mutters, glaring at the screen.
  • VICTORY POSE #2: "I'm a god! I'm all-powerful!" he utters.
  • VICTORY POSE #3: "Run! Run! Or you'll be well done!" he grins, looking intimidating.
  • MUSICAL THEME: Final Boss, Final Fantasy VI
  • VICTORY THEME: Victory Fanfare, Final Fantasy VII


  • TBA
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