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MASSES Character Ed
Ed is one of the playable fighters of Masses and is a hidden fighter.  He debuted in the Ed, Edd n Eddy (1999) television show as one of its main protagonists, being the least intelligent member of his siblings and yet the strongest.  He is one of four unlockable playables, following the Burger King, Kefka and Randall, and plays a very special role in Spiritual Parade as a puppet of Kefka's.

Ed may be strong and rather intimidating with his tall height, but he's actually a good kid at heart and means no harm most of the time. He's also happy-go-lucky and really kind, and has many kid-like traits—treating comics and low budget movies as reality and confusing them with what's real and what's fake. Despite this, he is very absent minded, making him very easy for Eddy to manipulate him and for his sister, Sarah, to get him in trouble, leaving him vulnerable to a lot. Shame because he's pretty cool.

He currently ranks at 2nd on the tier list, possessing traits that none could see in any fighter in this game; Ed is lightweight, yet very powerful and has a good speed and defense, and even has good range. Stopping him from becoming any better though is high attack lag, which doesn't benefit his low weight as he can get easily launched away. Additionally, his healing is slow and his focus buildup is very slow.


Ed is an all round character, using his various attacks, both of physical and projectile types, to damage opponents from close by and from afar. His absurd low weight and overall stats render him a very strong and challenging opponent, and his lack of predictability makes him difficult to read, giving opponents who have trouble approaching fast opponents even less of a chance to find ways to defeat the monster that is Ed on the battlefield.

Ed's attacks are varied in what they are, but they generally use the same bits, making how he can attack real unpredictably really simple. For example, Ed mainly uses his hands, his head, and his tongue to smash at opponents. As someone with loads of brawn, Ed can even lift chunks of ground and hurl them at his foes. A lot of them have high lag, which can be troublesome when he's against fast foes.

Ed's special moves include him shooting jawbreakers (and eating them), slamming his head into opponents to bury them, and getting his friends Eddy and Edd "Double D" to shoot at them from the distance. Otherwise, he has to rely on his physical brawn and normal projectiles to win the fight.

In summary, Ed is an easy character for people to use, and has favorable power and attacks, and good statistics overall, except for a low weight and sub par jump, and very low heal and focus build up. His biggest flaw however, is his extreme high attack lag, which can make landing attacks real difficult and it makes him struggle against opponents such as Randall and Centaur Man.


These are Ed's basic statistics in the game.

  • Power: 8/10
  • Defense: 7/10
  • Speed: 7/10
  • Jump: 4/10
  • Weight: 4/10
  • Focus Buildup: Very Low
  • Healing Speed: Very Low
  • General Attack Lag: Very High


Ed's attacks are quite varied, often using his limbs such as his head and arms. He can extend these limbs to attack opponents from afar, and use his tongue as a command grab to take opponents and pummel them with his powerful fists. He can toss dishes, shred his guitar to push opponents away, or actually just slam that guitar onto his foes' heads. He can also toss iconic elements from across his television series, including Plank, and it won't change his unpredictability because the projectile always changes.

Ed's signature move is the Berserker, a move which turns him deadly berserk, and adds extra power to all his moves. Even better, his moves become lass laggy and he moves faster. All foes beware of this skill! Ed stays like this for about twenty seconds before the effect wears off. Uniquely, his tongue command grab will make him slam opponents over him and into the ground again and again.

Home Stages

The Cul-de-Sac

The Cul-de-Sac is Ed's default home stage, and it's the living area of the Eds and most of their neighbors. It's a really large stage, and one of two in the third dimension, the other being the related Construction Site. You can visit other people's houses and seek out each other. You can also get the other kids from this place to help you seek out your opponents.

Music from across the Ed, Edd n' Eddy seasons, especially the first three, play here in two separate medleys.

Construction Site

Construction Site is Ed's unlockable home stage, and like the Cul-de-Sac, plays in the third dimension. However, it's more open than the Cul-de-Sac and has less areas to hide, and there are no kids present. You can take parts of the unfinished houses off to attack opponents with.

Music from across the Ed, Edd n' Eddy seasons, especially the last three, play here in two separate medleys.

Alternative Costumes

Costume effects can be turned off. It doesn't matter as all of Ed's costumes are the same, though.
  • Average Joe
  • Ed the Elf
  • Ed the Great
  • Edzilla
  • King Tuckyershirtin
  • Snuggle-me-Ed
  • Double D*


  • ENTRANCE #1: Edd drops Ed off, giving him a box of jawbreakers as a good luck charm?...
  • ENTRANCE #2: Eddy shoves Ed into the battlefield, yelling at him to actually win.
  • UP TAUNT: Ed flails his head, exclaiming "I love chickens!".
  • SIDE TAUNT: Ed shouts Eddy's name, summoning Eddy to the battlefield, who proceeds to pick on the other fighters and describe them and their weaknesses, while also insulting Ed's intelligence.
  • DOWN TAUNT: Ed spins around, exclaiming "I have caused discomfort, 'cuz I'm Eddy!".
  • VICTORY POSE #1: Ed trips, exclaiming "EXTREME CLOSEUP!!".
  • VICTORY POSE #2: Ed cheerfully spins, exclaiming "An apple a day keeps the bus driver away, Double D!".
  • VICTORY POSE #3: Ed looks quite defiant, exclaiming "My name is Ed! CHEESE AND MACARONI!".
  • MUSICAL THEME: The main theme song of Ed, Edd n' Eddy.
  • VICTORY THEME: The ending lines of Ed, Edd n' Eddy's theme song.


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