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MASSES Character Centaur Man
Centaur Man is one of the playable fighters of Masses and is available from the start.  He debuted in Mega Man 6 (1993) as one of the eight fightable robot masters.  He is one of eight default playables, following Athena, Daroach, Gaius, Luffy, Marceline, Silver, and Tifa, and has a large role in Spiritual Parade as one of Athena's two second-hand men.

Originally a tour guide for an old archaeology museum, he unfortunately was modified for combat by Dr. Wily. He is a very notable Robot Master for walking on four legs as opposed to the usual two for Wily's creations, and is quite speedy, but lacks the ability to jump. Guess his body is too heavy to.

He currently ranks at 9th on the tier list, which is owed to his quick speed and his unique abilities, like being able to momentarily freeze time and shoot multi array bullets from his hand gun, but his inability to jump and his large size makes him really easy to hit.


Centaur Man is a rush down character, often relying on his physical strength to take down foes easily, or he will be defeated too soon himself. For someone that cannot jump at all, he must learn how to properly aim his gun in every direction and use his time stopping capabilities to stun opponents enough to tear into them.

Centaur Man's attacks are rarely about shooting, which is certainly a change from the normal Robot Masters as they need to shoot down their foes. Instead, he must rush to bash them, and if they're too far away or in the air, shooting is his option. He can also smash his legs into the opponents as a multi hit move.

Centaur Man is uniquely not home to any special attacks barring his signature move. This is because he is mostly a simple fighter who uses the techniques he was installed to use in the original game and has a few modified versions to boot up.

In summary, Centaur Man is a great rush down character and is easy to use to smash opponents to pieces in a matter of minutes, but cannot jump and requires a lot of practice with his gun to nail down aerial foes, and his lack of special attacks severely limits what he can do in battle, requiring players try to use what he already has.


These are Centaur Man's basic statistics in the game.

  • Power: 7/10
  • Defense: 10/10
  • Speed: 9/10
  • Jump: 0/10
  • Weight: 4/10
  • Focus Buildup: Low
  • Healing Speed: Very Low
  • General Attack Lag: Medium


Centaur Man's attacks are just like how I said they functioned above, but Centaur Man can also combine attacks and fire while ramming or rear his legs while shooting directly above him. His running animation is unique as he damages opponents on contact with his body...something that hasn't really been done before by the others.

Centaur Man's signature move is the Centaur Flash, a move which freezes Centaur Man in place as a large radius of white light is emitted from him, dealing high damage to those caught. If they are hit, they will be stunned and they can be punished easily. One of the Partners of this game, Jimmy Neutron, is KO'd from full health if he is hit by Centaur Flash and then his ram attack, showcasing its high power.

Home Stages

Flash Man

Flash Man is Centaur Man's default home stage, and is one of the several stages from Mega Man 2. This stage has lasers shooting from every direction, although they come rather rarely, and deal a lot of damage on contact. Occasionally, Flash Man will come by and freeze time, shooting down everyone with his bullets.

Centaur Man and Flash Man music play on this stage by default, and Mega Man 6 boss and Mega Man 2 boss can be played once unlocked.

Napalm Man

Napalm Man is Centaur Man's unlockable home stage, and is one of the several stages from Mega Man 5. Bombs drop from everywhere and weapons can be picked up and used to fire down opponents with, and Napalm Man will have a chance of popping up and firing his weapons everywhere for mass destruction.

Napalm Man and Mega Man 5 boss play on this stage by default, and Mega Man 9 & 10 Medley and Mega Man V Medley can be played once unlocked.

Alternative Costumes

Costume effects can be turned off.
  • White: Centaur Man's color scheme changes to match Blizzard Man. Ice effects.
  • Red: Centaur Man's color scheme changes to match Flame Man. Fire effects.
  • Indigo: Centaur Man's color scheme changes to match Knight Man. Defense piercing effects.
  • Gold: Centaur Man's color scheme changes to match Plant Man. Higher defense.
  • Dark: Centaur Man's color scheme changes to match Tomahawk Man. Higher power.
  • Orange: Centaur Man's color scheme changes to match Wind Man. Better knockback.
  • Purple: Centaur Man's color scheme changes to match Yamato Man. Better range.


  • ENTRANCE #1: Centaur Man descends onto the stage, looking royal and proud.
  • ENTRANCE #2: Centaur Man warps in, posing.
  • UP TAUNT: Centaur Man gets on his hind legs and taunts, bashing his hands together.
  • SIDE TAUNT: Centaur Man holds his gun arm, looking left and right.
  • DOWN TAUNT: Centaur Man bows royally.
  • VICTORY POSE #1: Centaur Man leaps down, firing multiple times with his gun before freezing temporarily.
  • VICTORY POSE #2: Centaur Man gets on his hind legs, then goes down on his front legs, looking oddly intimidating.
  • VICTORY POSE #3: Centaur Man does a few poses before warping out.
  • MUSICAL THEME: Centaur Man Stage, Mega Man 6
  • VICTORY THEME: Mega Man 6 Victory


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