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MASSES Character Burger King
The Burger King is one of the playable fighters of Masses and is a hidden fighter.  He debuted in 1955 as part of an official Burger King sign in Miami, Florida.  He is one of four unlockable playables, following Ed, Kefka and Randall, and has a large role in Spiritual Parade as a main antagonist. Upon defeating him, you can play as him.

The Burger King is the advertising mascot of the international food chain Burger King and has been featured in several advertisements since his debut, being active on those commercials for over two thirds of the years he's been around. Several merchandise related to him, including his crown and his appearance, has proven to be popular by children and adults alike. He hasn't really been known to be in any legit games?...

He currently ranks at 6th on the tier list, thanks to his heaviness as a character and his good defense, and his variety of projectiles, something heavyweights often don't have at disposal. He's rather slow and doesn't have a good aerial game whatsoever, and has a bad recovery, but keeping him on the ground can keep him quite viable.


The Burger King is a punisher character, using projectiles like his crowns and burgers to keep his opponents away, and punishing them if they dare come too close to make them receive the Whopper Bash (for free). To make matters worse, he can consume his own meals for free to heal his body, giving him another way to heal. While he has a terrible aerial game, his attacks from the ground still make him quite formidable.

Like aforementioned, the Burger King can toss crowns and burgers, but can also use shakes, meal container boxes, and his burger throne to smash opponents to pieces. If he's not throwing things around, he's using his heavy body to make powerful blows to make high dents in his opponents' health. This is not to be unexpected - the Burger King is legit the strongest character in the game.

The Burger King's special moves are about barrages, besides for his recovery move, which makes him use a few balloons to rise up (although slowly). The Burger Array can make him throw a bunch of burger bombs while he can use the Shake Spray to drowse opponents to make them way more vulnerable to his Grill attack, which burns and tosses opponents away, mainly as a combo ender.

In summary, Burger King is incredibly strong and is definitely the most potent fighter in the game for throwing foes out of the ring, and has a bunch of projectiles that can definitely make quick work out of foes. His high defense and weight also prevent him from being knocked out of the battlegrounds. However, he is very easy to combo, and almost always needs to be on the ground thanks to his bad aerial game and horrible recovery. He can also hardly combo well thanks to his high attack lag.


These are the Burger King's basic statistics in the game.

  • Power: 10/10
  • Defense: 8/10
  • Speed: 2/10
  • Jump: 1/10
  • Weight: 9/10
  • Focus Buildup: Low
  • Healing Speed: Moderate
  • General Attack Lag: Very High


The Burger King's attacks are varied in projectiles. I already explained them several times, so I guess I can say what these attacks do as side effects is that the crowns can pierce defenses and the burger bombs can launch opponents small distances so the Burger King can follow up with virtually any other attack. He can also use his throne like a shield and defend himself from very powerful attacks momentarily, or barrages of weaker moves.

The Burger King's signature move is the Whopper Combo, a move which has him thrusting his knuckles into the opponents, the Whopper doing medium damage and low knockback, the Double Whopper hitting harder and doing more knockback, and the Triple Whopper dealing very high damage and knocking opponents far away from him.

Home Stages

Burger King

Burger King is the default home stage of the Burger King (obviously), and is an arena with many objects like chairs and tables that can be knocked around.  It has no real obstacles although burgers are often being tossed around, ready to be eaten and devoured.


McDonalds is the ironic unlockable home stage of the Burger King, and his rival Ronald McDonald, now 10x creepy, resides in it, making demonic burgers fly around and awful, tasteless meat attack the opponents.  Think of it as an alternative Hell.

Alternative Costumes

Costume effects can be turned off.
  • Classic King: The Burger King looks like his very first incarnation. How creepy. He becomes a bit lighter and doesn't attack as hard, making combos somewhat easier.
  • Child's King: A younger version of the king who looks more simple, but while retaining his lightness, his power is the same.
  • Simpsons King: A cartoony version of the king with no real differences.
  • Creepy King: A more creepy version of the king with no real differences.
  • The King: Transforming into the King from the CD-I Zelda games, he becomes heavier and even more powerful.
  • Ganon: Transforming into Ganon from the CD-I Zelda games, he becomes the heaviest character in the game and has the most power.
  • Weegee: The Burger King gains green clothing and a Weegee-esque body. Oops!


  • ENTRANCE #1: The Burger King descends from the ceiling, laughing while holding a Whopper.
  • ENTRANCE #2: The Burger King comes in a giant Whopper saucer, dropping down from it.
  • UP TAUNT: The Burger King holds a martini upward, juggling burgers in his fat hands.
  • SIDE TAUNT: The Burger King does a full on advertisement. Can be canceled at any time.
  • DOWN TAUNT: The Burger King does a "draw me like one of your French girls" pose.
  • VICTORY POSE #1: The king stomps on the ground, Whoppers flinging up into the air.
  • VICTORY POSE #2: The king laughs, smashing his fists together.
  • VICTORY POSE #3: A full on advertisement of his restaurant, shaming McDonalds in the process.
  • MUSICAL THEME: A remix of the various advertisements the Burger King had over the years.
  • VICTORY THEME: The Have It Your Way slogan, as done in a choir.


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