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MASSES Character Athena
Athena Fushmias Hawkins is one of the playable fighters of Masses and is available from the start.  She debuted in A Leap Through Time (2016) alongside her girlfriend Helena Harper.  She is one of eight default playables, following Centaur Man, Daroach, Gaius, Luffy, Marceline, Silver, and Tifa, and has the largest role in Spiritual Parade, being the story's main focus.

Athena is a self-insert character of the creator; she has a high amount of similarities with her and even shares one of her aliases.  Despite this though, Athena stands her own ground, being a bit less anxious and being a goddess, to be more specific, a goddess of light and olive oil.  Weird, I know.

She currently ranks at 7th on the tier list, which is owed to her mass power and her good strategy options and her strong healing ability and great combo potential, but her speed in the air and on the ground are low and requires patience to get around.


Athena is a bait and punish character in similarity to Ganondorf from Smash, being one of the game's strongest characters thanks to her sheer power, and also can't be knocked back as easily because she has a medium-heavy weight.  Almost all her moves deal high damage, and her aerial game is great thanks to having a good reach on all of those moves.  Her speed is low both on the ground and in the air, so she can't outspeed most of the game's characters, putting her at disadvantage against fighters like Daroach and Centaur Man.

Like said, Athena's attacks hit hard, some finishing off her opponents at ridiculous health levels such as 18%.  While her moves can be laggy, she can cancel out her moves to follow up with other ones, making her an effective player at mind games.  Even though some of her moves can be laggy, she can cancel out moves before their frames are finished and follow up with others, making her effective at combo games, even if they don't deal the most output of damage.

Her special moves are very strong, even if their control execution is difficult too pull off.  The Scorpion's Bind and the Shadow Clamp are just two examples of them - the former holds an opponent in her hands so she can pummel them, and the Shadow Clamp attacks opponents from a distance, making them take a good chunk of damage.

As homage to snicks' mains in Super Smash Bros., Athena has a shield breaking move and two meteor smashes, enabling her to toss opponents off the stage easily thanks to her high power.  Additionally, Athena can attack with the Ragnell in some of her moves - the sword being that of Ike from Fire Emblem.

In summary, Athena is a strong character that requires patience to play thanks to her low speed, but if she can land her moves and if players can cancel her moves easily, she can easily be one of the best characters available to play as in the game.  Being careful, timing moves, and using the right special attacks at the right times to avoid lag punishing is a large part of Athena's game, and players must master that.


These are Athena's basic statistics in the game.

  • Power: 9/10
  • Defense: 6/10
  • Speed: 4/10
  • Jump: 4/10
  • Weight: 7/10
  • Focus Buildup: Low
  • Healing Speed: Fast
  • General Attack Lag: High


Athena's attacks are centered on mostly physical moves, which for the most part use her hands and legs.  A lot of her physical moves have fiery effects, dealing fire damage if those moves are sweetspotted.  Some of her moves, like her heavy side tilt, use the sword of Ike; Ragnell - those attacks are generally stronger and grant her more range.  Athena's two projectiles are her Mouth Gun, which enables her to spit bullets of smoke from her mouth to damage foes, and her fireball, which has identical properties to Mario's very own.  She can also utilize her scorpion tail as a long range attack, and use it at the same time as her Ragnell.

Athena's signature move is the Brutal Spin, a devastating attack that has her moving around the stage with Ragnell and her tail spread out, taking in opponents and ripping them up.  To use that move, you need to hold Right and press B and A at the same time.  Her Annihilator is the Vela-Nova, a hard hitting move that puts her in flames as she rushes at her opponent, burning them and shoving them far away to make them hit the boundaries of the stage, them taking even more damage.

Home Stages

Zaxinian Lifts Lobby

The Zaxinian Lifts' Lobby is Athena's default home stage, and is generally the main location of the creator's games and creations, being the House of God where Fandraxono resides.  It's a large stage with many portals which players can go into, and the other portals they go out of is randomized.  Fandraxono will watch the players, and will join the fight if it appears to be quite boring.

With Me by Crush 40 and Miracle Man by Ozzy Osbourne play on this stage, Deal with the Devil and Trenches by Pop Evil also can if they are unlocked.

American Rooftop

The American Rooftop is Athena's unlockable home stage, and is an American themed hotel setting that takes place on its roof and in the uppernmost floor which can be visited.  It's a moderate sized stage, but it's deadly, for falling off the rooftop takes you to your doom.  There is also a pool present here that slows your movement if you jump into it, so if you want to do the best job fighting, you best be out of that pool.

White America and Business by Eminem play on this stage, and Unknown from M.E. by Marlon Saunders and a Black Eyed Peas remix of it by Triple-Q can be unlocked.

Alternative Costumes

Costume effects can be turned off.
  • Ryne: Athena switches her physical appearance to look like her rival, Ryne.  It does not change her statistics or affect gameplay from the original character.
  • Rose: Athena's clothing becomes red, her eyes become green and her hair becomes green, several parts of her displaying roses and thorns.  The rose alt makes contact with her hurt.
  • Edge: Athena's clothing becomes red, her eyes become red and her hair becomes red, several parts of her displaying wounds.  Her attacks can sap health.
  • Inuyasha Costume: Athena dresses up to look more like Inuyasha, her hair becoming white and her doning that hero's clothing.  The costume does not affect Athena's gameplay.
  • Bowser Costume: Athena dresses up in Bowser-like armor, looking quite intimidating. Her voice deepens inside the costume, notably.  Athena becomes stronger and heavier with this.
  • Ike Costume: Athena dons herself in Ike's "Lord" clothing, her sword becoming the actual Ragnell. Her hair also turns blue.  Athena's stats completely change to match Ike's from Super Smash Bros. 4.
  • Helena Costume: Athena dresses up in her girlfriend's street clothing and her hair color becomes blonde.  Athena becomes fast but less powerful, and uses a whip instead of the Ragnell, but effects are still identical.


  • ENTRANCE #1: Athena rides on a scorpion onto the battlefield.
  • ENTRANCE #2: Athena is dropped off by Helena via a limo.
  • UP TAUNT: Athena tosses her Ragnell into the air with one hand, catching in the other, spinning around to catch the hilt.
  • SIDE TAUNT: Athena holds out her Ragnell, shouting "Prepare yourself!" in memory of Ike.
  • DOWN TAUNT: Athena turns around and stares at the screen, sticking her tongue out while waving her hands in an obnoxious manner.
  • VICTORY POSE #1: Athena spins around, kneeling to the floor as a shower of roses falls on her.
  • VICTORY POSE #2: Athena withdraws her sword, smirking as she clicks her feet.
  • VICTORY POSE #3: Athena dances in place, taking Helena onto the screen and dancing with her.
  • MUSICAL THEME: The Phoenix, Fall Out Boy
  • VICTORY THEME: Jazzy instrumental remaster of The Phoenix's chorus.


  • Maybe it was already described in the article but Athena pays a lot of homage to the author's favorite fighters in Smash (Ike and Ganondorf) and has a lot of traits related to her.
  • Athena's Ragnell is somewhat different from Ike's, being portrayed with a red color and having rose decorations over it.  However, one of her alternative costumes replaces the red sword with the actual weapon.
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