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Masses is an umbrella title created by .snickedge (tbc) featuring just twelve characters, almost each unique and different from what Sanguine Bloodshed, Sanguine Uprising, and Horizon Zero have ever presented. It is a combat heavy game with many custom moves the different fighters can equip, brawling it to the death with Street Fighter esque moves. It was released for the Pacifico platform to draw attention from other audiences beyond the system.  Eventually it was ported to the V² anyway, and had a release on the Zeta Nebula's X-Shop and was eventually released on the Pyrohedron.

Masses is considered a spiritual successor of the aforementioned Sanguine titles, thanks to its diverse roster and similar style of using elements from existing fighting games, as well as its relationship building system, which was already taken from Fire Emblem with little to no changes on that mechanic's overall formula.

The main theme of the game - being shared with one of the several themes of the Zaxinian Lifts Lobby - is Trenches by Pop Evil.


MASSES Mode Brawl
The main mode of the game, directly following the gameplay described below; drain the health of your other opponent while using your mechanics and abilities to keep yourself up and fighting on the battlefield.  You can play on a time limit, too, or turn off health and just get points form hitting each other over and over again.

BRAWL online is considered the game's one and true competitive mode - while Teams and Kill can be done competitively, most people are interested in the balanced and rather simple BRAWL mode.

MASSES Mode Teams

Very similar to BRAWL, but features two-on-two battles. It can make for more intense combat, and makes competitive battling even more challenging, as you will have a partner or two to work with, and you must connect your skills with your partner's. TEAMS can be done as 1v3 or 2v2, although 2v2 is more balanced arguably.

TEAMS online is also considered competitive, although not to as high of an extent as the teams system can be horribly unbalanced.

MASSES Mode Hunger

Hunger is an odd mode to say the least. In it, you're starving and you must find food. It's very reminiscent of the hunger mode featured in Brawl of the Fandraxonians: Constellation Warfare - find food, protect yourself from opponents, stay alive. If you don't find food, you'll die of hunger. If you get killed by an opponent, you're not getting back up. Can be played with up to twelve players.

HUNGER can be played online, and up to thirty six players, allowing for real long matches.  If a player disconnects, although will replace them whilst they're waiting for a turn.

MASSES Mode Kill
The more mature theme of the game, you get to literally KILL your opponents, rip their heads off, tear off their limbs, make 'em bleed and beg for mercy. It granted the game it's "Mature" rating.  It has Smash-grabbing and throwing by default, something BRAWL doesn't have as default to make that mode more about smashing.

Kill mode is violent, but it comes with the additional benefit of having the player earn money faster than in other modes, thanks to the fact that Kill mode has audiences that throw cash.

MASSES Mode Arena

Arena is a mode where you battle all of the fighters in the game, including a mirror copy of the character you're playing as, before fighting the bosses from Spiritual Parade. Good luck, and prepare to fight surprise bosses closer to the end...assuming you chose Normal or higher modes of difficulty.

ARENA online allows you to share your high scores with the rest of the world, and shows you the best times on its leaderboard.

MASSES Mode Tetris

Tetris is pretty much just Tetris, you'd think. You and a fighter or more at placed on the Tetris screen, and must now brawl it out while Tetris pieces fall from the ceiling. Any spare players can control the Tetris pieces that fall...if a player is squished, they'll take 10% damage and respawn in a safe zone.

TETRIS online cannot be played competitively, for the Tetris blocks get in the way by a lot.

MASSES Mode Rush

A racing or platforming mode that takes inspiration off of Sonic and Metroid; get to the very end, utilize different paths to get there.  You'll come across enemies you can smash to death.  It's very different from BRAWL or the other modes because you don't particularly beat up your opponents, if they're even there to begin with.

RUSH online can be played competitively, and your objective is to race your opponents to the end and be the number one winner.

MASSES Mode Hunger for Cowards

This unique mode stars Sinistar, as could be told from the title of this mode. Sinistar goes around the stage, hungering for cowards, attacking on sight. The stage looks very much like the Smash Run area from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, but the layout of this stage changes every time you play it, although you can save certain formats and even edit them if you so liked a few certain formats.

As with TETRIS online, Hunger for Cowards cannot be played competitively, for Sinistar is too much of a hazard.

MASSES Mode Black Market

An illegal market on the street corner; you can buy trophies, modes, and etc. from Syi herself.  If you give her money, she'll give you what you ask.  If you don't have money, earn it from BRAWL or the other modes, especially RUSH. Occasionally Hene or May will run the store instead and will cheapen prices, or Scarecrow Kid will monitor the stand and steal money every time you visit.

MASSES Mode Spiritual Parade
The game's story mode. Ghosts from around the world have risen from graves and now are being a huge menace to everyone in the universe by taking over bodies and controlling them for their own purposes. Stop them and their leader! Spiritual Parade features the Adventure format of Super Smash Bros. Melee.:To see the full story, check this out.


Masses is a Street Fighter inspired game, featuring two characters on two sides of an arena, beating the heck out of each other with light and heavy attacks, be it punches, kicks, guns, magic, the goal being to drain the other's health bar in the given time to fight. Players can block or evade attacks and heal, and hold back attacks with the Focus element, which charges up a special meter for each attack they do a perfect guard against, which can be released in the form of a very powerful attack, called an Annihilator.

Players can perform light attacks with the "Confirm button" (often A on a controller) and medium or heavy attacks with the "Cancel button" (often B on a controller), holding down on the button initiating a heavy attack.  To do a special attack, all of which identically to those in the Super Smash Bros. franchise, one needs to utilize the "trigger buttons" (often L/R/L1/R1).  Jumping is possible with what would normally be X or Y on a controller; start pauses the game and select activates camera mode.  "Z" or "L2/R2" activate the shield, and pressing A while shielding allows you to grab in the modes that allow it.

Masses features stages that are complex and platform-heavy, similarly to Super Smash Bros.'s, although they don't autoscroll and remain in place. Obstacles like water and spike pits exist in certain stages, and players can use the stage elements to defend themselves from opposing fighters. Of course, the stages can be replaced with the Omega format, which makes them completely flat stages for competitive purposes, making the only focuses the players themselves.

In the KILL mode, there is an audience watching the players duke it out.  If a player starts having an advantage/upper hand in play, they will be award with coins, and the loser will be tormented with torches or harmful projectiles.  The audience can be turned off, but it actually does earn money for the player faster, so having it enabled or disabled comes with its own pros and cons.

Other than the normal fighting modes, Masses features RUSH mode, which is a platformer mode taking much inspiration from the Sonic and Metroid franchises; your objective is to get to the end of the stages while moving at high speeds, utilizing the Metroidvania-like maps to take different paths to get to the ending platform.  You can race other opponents in this mode, although the basic objective of this is to get coins and stuff to buy things from the shop.  Enemies often show up in this mode to get in your way; attacking them earns points and killing them grants bigger points.

In the battlefields of the game, and in the RUSH mode, you'll be able to collect red coins, unless they're turned off.  Collecting these coins levels you up in ranks and charges a statistic-building meter which grants you 1.5x of every stat when filled to the max, the bar deceasing ever slightly after max fill.  Once the bar is emptied, your stats will return to normal.

Sometimes, usually at the end of Rush Mode or on certain stages, a boss may appear, and the players will be required to team up and defeat it. Once the beast is downed, the battle will resume. The bosses have a lot of health and have high damaging attacks, so one must be careful. If a player is downed in this battle, the other player must still try and kill off the boss, or be forced to be in a Draw.

There are no items in the game, for players can heal themselves and use special mechanics of their own to distract players. Additionally, it's supposed to help make the game feel more fair and balanced, both with casual and competitive gamers alike.



Masses has a total of twelve playable characters, which is unusually small for an umbrella, but each character has massive movepool options and a lot of gameplay elements suited exclusively for them (even though not all will be listed because I'm lazy).  All characters have two stages of their own and five songs representing their franchise.

Each character has their own subpage with some of their details and general information, like their taunts and victory animations.  Click on a character portrait to be taken to their page.

MASSES Character AthenaMASSES Character Burger KingMASSES Character Centaur ManMASSES Character DaroachMASSES Character EdMASSES Character Gaius
MASSES Character KefkaMASSES Character LuffyMASSES Character MarcelineMASSES Character RandallMASSES Character SilverMASSES Character Tifa


This is the Masses tier list, decided upon by the Masses Official Fan Club.  As of April 10, 2016, this tier list is accurate.  The tier list is not to be taken seriously outside of the competitive atmosphere and is merely a way to tell who does best competitively and who does worst competitively.

Credit to the Super Smash Bros. wiki's tier table design!
Masses Tier List
1 2 3 4 5 6
MASSES Tier Randall MASSES Tier Ed MASSES Tier Tifa MASSES Tier Luffy MASSES Tier Daroach MASSES Tier Burger King
7 8 9 10 11 12
MASSES Tier Athena MASSES Tier Marceline MASSES Tier Centaur Man MASSES Tier Silver MASSES Tier Kefka MASSES Tier Gaius


The Howdy Partners Buckaroos in long terms are usable in the TEAMS mode. The player can freely choose what partner to assign to their character and use them in battle. They don't really have many customizable options or movesets, but otherwise function like playable characters, just with lower stats. Extra players beyond two can be the partners.

Each partner is listed and described on the Partners subpage, located here.

MASSES Partner CosmoMASSES Partner GonGonMASSES Partner HagarMASSES Partner JimmyMASSES Partner KrustyMASSES Partner Leah
MASSES Partner MaiMASSES Partner Pac ManMASSES Partner PaulaMASSES Partner PeacockMASSES Partner ScoutMASSES Partner Undyne

Partners Tier

This is the Masses Partners tier list, decided upon by the Masses Official Fan Club.  As of April 10, 2016, this tier list is accurate.  The tier list is not to be taken seriously outside of the competitive atmosphere and is merely a way to tell who does best competitively and who does worst competitively.

Credit to the Super Smash Bros. wiki's tier table design!
Masses Tier List
1 2 3 4 5 6
MASSES PTier Peacock MASSES PTier Gon Gon MASSES PTier Leah MASSES PTier Scout MASSES PTier Mai MASSES PTier Cosmo
7 8 9 10 11 12
MASSES PTier Hagar MASSES PTier Pac-Man MASSES PTier Undyne MASSES PTier Krusty MASSES PTier Paula MASSES PTier Jimmy


There are a multitude of arenas in Masses - a total of thirty.  Each Arena features its own hazards and structure, and has different elements that makes them different from the other stages.  There's at least two arenas for each home character, and the six remaining stages are "original stages", like what one would see out of something like Super Smash Bros.' "Final Destination" or "Battlefield".

Each stage will be listed on their owners' respective stages, other than the "original stages", which will be described below.

MASSES Arena Ambrose LightMASSES Arena American RooftopMASSES Arena Arena FeroxMASSES Arena Battle SquareMASSES Arena Burger KingMASSES Arena Candy KingdomMASSES Arena Construction SiteMASSES Arena Crisis CityMASSES Arena Cul-de-SacMASSES Arena Flash ManMASSES Arena Foosha VillageMASSES Arena Gamble GalaxyMASSES Arena International Space StationMASSES Arena Kefka's TowerMASSES Arena Marceline's HouseMASSES Arena McDonaldsMASSES Arena MidgarMASSES Arena Monsters IncMASSES Arena Monsters UniversityMASSES Arena Napalm ManMASSES Arena NarsheMASSES Arena Origin PeakMASSES Arena ParisMASSES Arena Ryugu KingdomMASSES Arena Satanic TempleMASSES Arena Sidney AquariumMASSES Arena The HalberdMASSES Arena Unknown ZoneMASSES Arena White HouseMASSES Arena Zaxinian Lifts Lobby

  • Zaxinian Lifts Lobby and American Rooftop are of Athena.
  • Burger King and McDonalds are of the Burger King.
  • Flash Man and Napalm Man are of Centaur Man.
  • Gamble Galaxy and the Halberd are of Daroach.
  • Construction Site and Cul-de-Sac are of Ed.
  • Arena Ferox and Origin Peak are of Gaius.
  • Foosha Village and Ryugu Kingdom are of Luffy.
  • Kefka's Tower and Narshe are of Kefka.
  • Marceline's House and Candy Kingdom are of Marceline.
  • Monsters Inc and Monsters University are of Randall.
  • Crisis City and Unknown Zone are of Silver.
  • Midgar and Battle Square are of Tifa.

The Original Stages

  • Ambrose Light: The Ambrose Light could be considered just a bumpy stage, but if you hit those rocks while this ship is moving, you're gonna be flung straight off.  Pirates will attack from the distance, so prepare to counter those cannonballs!  "Haunted Ship acts 1 and 2" from Sonic Rush Adventure play by default, while the "Spongebob Squarepants theme song" and "I'm A Goofy Goober" can be unlocked.
  • International Space Station: The International Space Station is the "Battlefield" of Masses, and is one of two rather flat levels with few obstacles, the other being the White House.  The ends of the station will turn over and attempt tipping over players.  "Battlefield" from each of the four Smash games can play on this stage.
  • Paris: A large battleground that is mostly flat, besides for the Eiffel Tower, which can be climbed and used to set up your aerial game.  Citizens will run peacefully about in the background, so don't fret about...accidentally killing anyone.  The theme of France - and three alternative remixes of jazz, rock, and orchestral - can be played on this stage.
  • Satanic Temple: Remember Brawl of the Fandraxonians??  Satan will show up here and attack players like he did in that game, and when he's not fighting, he'll be in the background.  It looks flat at first, but pillars can be shot out of the ground to be used as platforms.  "Time Eater", classic and modern, and both of Mephiles' phases from Sonic '06 can be played on this stage.
  • Sydney Aquarium: The Sydney Aquarium is a long maze of aquatic tunnels that can be smashed apart to flood the place with sea creatures.  BE CAREFUL OF RELEASING THE SHARKS.  Some of these sharks can be provoked to attack the players, and filling this place up to the brim with water can...just be a nightmare to cross.  Themes from Jaws play on this stage.
  • White House: The "Final Destination" of Masses, and it has literally no obstacles other than Donald Drumpf who will occasionally come around as his own obstacle.  There is literally nothing else to the stage.  "Final Destination", "Final Destination V.2", "Master Core" from Smash 4 can be played as this stage's music, while you can unlock "American Idiot" by Green Day.


Masses has been met with critical acclaim, with high praise towards the roster and gameplay concepts, with some criticism driven towards the roster's small size and some of the "already-seen before mechanics", critics pointing out the high similarities to Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros.  The controls have been praised and the high replay value and multiplayer fun has been lauded.

Overall, Masses has had strong sales, selling at least five million copies worldwide, temporarily holding TimeStrike's record until the release of Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality, which quickly overwhelmed it with a total sale of ten million copies.


The Pacifico runs a system acknowledged as Pacificards; special and unique trading cards you can purchase digitally or physically. By running any of this game's fifteen Pacificards, you'll unlock new content, often new themes and extra features. Each of the game's twelve playable characters will have something related to them unlocked by running their respective card for the first time.

To see the minigames in full, see here.
  • The Athena card unlocks "Athena's Shooting Gallery", a minigame obviously starring Athena alongside Helena if the main player wants to switch or if a second player joins.
  • The Burger King card unlocks "Burger King Apocalypse", a minigame which has Burger King taking over the planet in a small mass-destruction type of game, where the burgers are suddenly bombs.
  • The Centaur Man card unlocks the stages Flame Man and Knight Man of "Mega Man 6", which is considered a minigame but is actually a pack of two stages from the original NES game.
  • The Daroach card unlocks "Squeak Attack", a stealth-type minigame which has Daroach attempting to steal all the cheese from the Zaxinian Lifts as a form of playful mischief.
  • The Ed card unlocks "Jawbreaker Rampage, an offense-type minigame which has the three main Eds going on a rampage with a stolen monster truck to steal all the Jawbreakers from the Cul-de-Sac.
  • The Gaius card unlocks "Gaius Dating Simulator", a minigame where you obviously date Gaius.  You can be any of the game's characters for this, including the partners.
  • The Kefka card unlocks "Kefka Fight, a minigame which has you fighting Kefka in the pre-made Final Fantasy VI final battle, where you're at max stats and have a large assortment of items.
  • The Luffy card unlocks "Grand Line Travel", a speed-type minigame which has Luffy using the dumb Waterbike from Sonic Rush Adventure to travel across the seas.  It's an endless game that only stops if you crash.
  • The Marceline card unlocks "Midnight Path", a simulator-type game which has you walking around with Marceline, talking to her, etc. etc.  Unlike with the Gaius Dating Simulator, you're going to set up your own avatar.
  • The Randall card, rather than unlocking a minigame, unlocks the blooper reel of Monsters Inc..
  • The Silver card unlocks the original boss fight of Silver from Sonic '06, with the very same physics and camera and stuff.  However, the fight is endless and stops when you die.  The key is to get the highest score possible.
  • The Tifa card unlocks the Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding minigame.


Pacificard Gallery


  • Masses' existence signifies that .snickedge (tbc) is making pages again.
  • Despite being the smallest umbrella of TimeStrike's, it sold the most copies out of them, and the most out of all TimeStrike products until the debut of Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality.
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