Mass-Produced Clone Corp
An identical clone of Hene
Species Origin Created by Mallory
Rarity Common
Alignment Mallorian Army
Average Behavior Serving Mallory, guarding stations, policemen/policewomen
Habitat(s) Mallorian Monarch
They prefer being around Mallory
Ability/ies Varies
Mallory (leader)
Diamond Zin (corps leader)
Ferris (second-in-command)
General Spree (second-in-command)
Infinite (occasional leader)
Mallory's Army
Mass-Produced Clone Corps refers to Mallory's extensive army of artificial clones based off of various famous Zaxinian Lifts characters, aiding Mallory in her world domination plot during the Mallorian Monarch phase. Among the cloned are most famously Syi, Hene, and Fandraxono, with clones of characters like General Scotch and Black Eyes being common among this army as well. They exist by the millions and are the general policemen of the Monarch. Their one and only objective is to support Mallory's cause, with each one of them capable of arresting a civilian or entering battle for her, but some have broken free of her control and joined the Resistance squad in protest of her evil ways. The only differences they have from their original selves are the fact that they're only a fifth as strong and behave very oddly when asked about their true intentions, with boycotters having more differences due to better-developed personalities. While they can at times behave incompetently in sync, they are a force to be reckoned with and cause lots of trouble throughout the Lifts' second phase.

They are officially led by Diamond Zin and mass-produced by an unwilling Skiene under Ms. Replicate's hand.


Mass-Produced Clone Corps members are very difficult to appropriately distinguish from their original selves, with this task becoming an impossibility from afar. They share every physical trait they do, though some members have deformations as a result of imperfect cloning. Most members wear Mallorian Badges on their shirts that give away their align, though they are not required to have these on, allowing them to sneak into other places and pose as Zaxinian residences, which puts several people (including the Resistance) on edge. If the member is super trusted, they will have a huge Omega symbol burned permanently onto their forehead, showing their significance as an administrator.


Members of the Mass-Produced Clone Corps are often housed in the Mallorian Castle, huddling up there in preparation for any sorts of war. They can be found anywhere in the Mallorian Monarch, however: they are present in every world and ensure that absolutely everything goes as planned. While they are primarily in the Zaxinian Lifts, they are found to be on Earth in the millions as well, seeking out those that escaped the Zaxinian Lifts without permission like the Gone trio (Zonas, Sinicini, Adexene). If any of these members are lost at any point, they will rest near a body of water and contact an administrator for assistance getting back home.

Traits and Habits

The members of this army have very straight-forward minds: copy their original selves' minds, abuse those personality traits to bully others into admitting they broke the law and arresting people on the spot. They walk forward in a very soldier-like march and follow every single command Mallory forces them to do (or any of her admins). They take no orders if they're not from a Mallorian admin, displaying their tough nature through abuse. This abuse isn't against the law, given that Mallory wrote the constitution for the monarch.

Every morning at 5am, no matter where they are, they will bow to Mallory and her likeliness, even if it means having their own lives taken.

Notable members


  • TBA

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