Developer(s) Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Pyro Enterprises
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
1-Player Story Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Media Included Pyrohedron Disc

Masquerade is an action-adventure game developed by Pyro Enterprises. It is directly inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and expands upon the game's signature mask mechanic. According to developer Pyrostar, the game is also meant as a test of sorts, seeing whether or not he could "complete a Zelda game for once if it was an original game instead".


Opening: A World In Peril

"Our world is doomed. The land is doomed to perish within two weeks. Little of the populace knows of it, but the Royal Council of Mages and I do. The Endless Tide has come to rid our world of life itself, and we have no way of tracking down- or stopping- the person who unleashed it."

"By the Council's advisement and my own royal decree, we have commissioned the construction of a golem. Average human size, female form, average soul, the works. The Council has given the golem the ability to store human souls and are sending it off to a new world; a parallel of our own. I don't know how this works, but I trust the council. With the ability to store souls, this golem- which my fairy assistant Mint has affectionately named "Masquera"- will take the souls of our people and ascend into a new realm, even if it takes people from multiple realms."

"The golem is to be sent within the hour, and Mint is joining it to guide it along its journey. Though I will die here, I feel at peace knowing that at least I will live on in some form."

- The Final Writings of King Aberdash Winston IV


Name Description
The Wandering Golem
A specially-designed female golem with the ability to absorb and contain souls other than the one pre-planted within, transferring them into masks that alter her/its basic body and abilities. Masquera has been tasked with hopping from parallel universe to parallel universe to save the souls of the people of her creator's land, before finally ascending to a new realm along with them. Masquera is almost child-like in many ways, having little to no time between creation and being forced into the role of savior. She/it is determined to accomplish the task assigned to it, regardless of what it has to face.
Masquera is the sole playable character in Masquerade, and can transform into alternate forms by wearing various types of masks. In her default state, she performs combat with a katana-like blade that has even stats across the board.
The Fairy Guide
The daughter of the queen of fairies and supervisor to King Winston, Mint took a shine to Masquera and offered to travel alongside her as a sort of guide, being more world-wise than the recently crafted golem. Mint is child-like in a less innocent and more immature sense, being slightly bratty and hyperactive, but she has a superior intellect to Masquera and knows how to solve most situations.
Mint is the game's Navi-esque fairy assistant, and helps out with targeting enemies and solving puzzles. She can give tips of the player desperately needs them, and can also scan enemies when targeted.
Soul Salesman
The Somewhat-Shady Dealer
A mysterious spindly man completely covered in what he claims is a robe but is actually a dirty blanket. His face is completely hidden and his eyes glow red; surely a good sign. He claims to be in the business of buying and selling souls, doing anything to get them. He's very eccentric but his varied stock comes in handy.
The Soul Salesman is only found in the Timeless Void, and offers a variety of goods such as items, upgrades, and even new masks. He doesn't take Emreds, though; he only accepts Souls, currency gained after clearing a sidequest and obtaining a mask Masquera already owns.


Masquerade plays similarly to most 3D Zelda titles; players navigate the environment from a third-person perspective, travelling across the world to solve puzzles and battle enemies. Masquerade adds a bit of an agile edge to the formula by focusing on parkour and speed as a combat element, with the characters attacking and dodging faster than in Zelda.

Much of the gameplay focuses around collecting magical masks via various means. These masks change the way the player approaches combat by offering different transformations, which all offer new weapons or abilities. Unlike Majora's Mask, these masks are the only equippable items in the game, and no dungeon items akin to the Bow or Hookshot exist; similar abilities are tied to mask transformations.

Mask Collection

Name Description Effects
Default Mask: Return to The Origin The mask that Masquera is formed with, containing her soul. Wearing this mask reverts her to her normal state, where she can fight with her katana as well as converse with the widest range of NPCs available. Basically the basic mask that you'll often revert back to. None
Mantis Mask: Living Scythes A green insectoid mask resembling a praying mantis. Equipping this mask turns Masquera into a female mantis-like creature, complete with massive scythe-like arms. Acquired from the Soul Salesman on the First Rotation. Primarily used for combat.
  • Mantis Blades
  • Strength Up
  • Climbing
Gale Band: Skipping on the Wind A blue headband decorated with spirals, representing the wind. Equipping this mask turns Masquera into a small wind spirit with a long blue scarf. Acquired from the Soul Salesman on the First Rotation. Primarily used for traversal.
  • Spin Attack
  • Spin Jump
  • Roll Boost
  • Strength Down
Ferrum Helm: Might of Cold Steel A grey and cobalt metallic helmet with spiky horns. Equipping this mask turns Masquera into a large, bulky suit of armor wielding a broadsword and shield. Acquired from the Soul Salesman on the First Rotation. Used for combat and puzzle-solving.
  • Shield
  • Mighty
  • Ferrum Drive
  • Agility Down
Igneous Mask: Spirit of Cinders A full face mask carved from volcanic rock, carved to resemble a mythical totem. Equipping this mask turns Masquera into a female fire spirit, capable of summoning fire and using it to attack. Acquired by reuniting Ember with her son, Flint, during Days 5-11. Primarily used for puzzle-solving.
  • Fireball
  • Fire Immunity
  • Dying Blaze
  • No Swimming
Shroom Cap: Among The Fungus A mushroom cap-like hat that fits over one's head, colored green with white spots. Equipping this mask turns Masquera into a small mushroom-like creature, able to sense and collect rare Mushrooms as well as access Portal Rings. Acquired by successfully helping Kada create his "dream elixir". Primarily used for exploration.
  • Spores
  • Shroom Sense
  • Portal Rings
  • Strength Down


The story of Masquerade is set in the Kingdom of Chronos, a peaceful kingdom ravaged by the apocalypse known only as the Endless Tide. Chronos is a large, sprawling kingdom divided into several locations, each of which having its own climate and native inhabitants.


A grassy region and the most densely populated region in Chronos. The main landmark is Chrono Town, set in front of the Hierarchy Castle and within walking distance of a Timeline Tower, one of the magical relics that enables Masquera to respawn when time resets. It's also a heavily forested region, and abandoned temples may reside in the ancient woods.

Chrono Town








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